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Horoscope Today: Trust Yourself to Lead the Day on October 3

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Aries: You might be stuck with an option, and would not be comfortable in thinking about alternatives. However, you are advised to be open to ideas and choices. You might irk people with your stubbornness and narrow-mindedness.

Taurus: You might not agree with opinions given by a lot of people today, but is best to stay away from other’s life. Dedicate your thoughts into your actions and leave other’s business to them. Take care of yourself.

Gemini: It is possible for you to spend the day overthinking different thoughts. Keep a lease on these. You can possibly overdramatize the situation than what it should be.

Cancer: A smile can change a lot of things. Even if people fail you respond to your positivity or do not welcome your smile, you should not stop it according to others. Keep yourself engrossed in positive thinking, good news will follow.


Leo: Today is the day when you need to trust yourself more than any other day. Even if the minute detail is bothering you, check it thoroughly. Do not trust people blindly. Your gut feeling will lead the way for you today.

Virgo: If you feel chained and tied up today, always remember that you are stronger than what the world thinks of you. Think of yourself as a magician and go beyond people’s perception to achieve what you want.

Libra: If you have been lost in the thoughts for some time, today is the day when you express them openly to people. Others will be willing to listen to you and might consider your direction of things. Do not keep your ideas to yourself.

Scorpio: You might have some happy news to share with your friends and family. There will be a lot of enthusiasm and excitement. However, be careful as some unwanted people might listen your plans and end up disrupting the confidence.

Sagittarius: You are keeping a lot of things to yourself lately, thinking that others might simply reject your ideas or not follow your advice. However, this is really selfish as you are limiting the knowledge. Let the ideas flow and the rest follow.

Capricorn: You might feel annoyed by someone, probably an elder, for giving your life advices. While it is normal to feel annoyed, you should rather introspect and understand the thoughts behind what other is offering you.

Aquarius: Confidence will boost up your day today. Even the rough waters will seems easy to swim, thanks to the energy and positivity you draw internally.

Pisces: You might feel like being stuck up in a situation, wandering around aimlessly. If you have lost direction, stop and relax. Ask for some help as people might have better ideas for you.

first published:October 03, 2020, 09:42 IST