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How pretty women flaunt their boots

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Last Updated: October 13, 2008, 14:41 IST

How pretty women flaunt their boots

Boots can be worn to office, parties and even, a hot date.

Julia Roberts wore them in Pretty Woman. That cocky cat sported them in Puss in Boots. And with end of the monsoons and the onset of autumn, it's time to flaunt your boots. These can be worn to office, parties and even, a hot date. You just need to team them with the right ensemble and carry them off. Let's find out how the stars do it.

Ankle boots

These boots end at your ankles and work well with trousers, denims, knee-length and short skirts. Try and avoid wearing them with a three-fourth length skirt as the ensemble looks incomplete. Ankle boots suit short and tall women.

Calf boots

Calf boots work fabulously with trousers, knee-length and short skirts and denim. These boots do not work with three-length skirts. Also, if you happen to be on the shorter side then avoid calf length boots as they cut height.

Knee-length boots

Kirsten Dunst pulled off the knee length boots look in Spiderman Part 2, so there is no reason why you cannot do it. These boots work well with short and knee length skirts, trousers, denims and short and knee length dresses. Team a pair of knee-length boots with a three-fourth length skirt or dress but don't expect to be a traffic-stopper, yet. The look is just about passable. These boots cut height, so in case you are on the shorter, avoid them.

Thigh-high boots

Julia Roberts zipped her boots to I am a wild One. Picture yourself doing the same? Why not? Thigh high boots work fabulously with short skirts and dresses. They are uncomfortable to wear when teamed with denims, trousers, knee length or long skirts. This pair suits both short and tall women, so go ahead, buy them and zip up a la Julia.

Stretch boots

These are leg-hugging boots and work well with short skirts and dresses, leggings and skin-tight jeans. They are available in different lengths and look good if you have shapely legs. Boots are chic and project a strong, confident look if teamed well with your ensemble. So go ahead and boot it!

TRIVIA: Go-go boots were first made in the 1960's so that they could be used when dancing. These boots were white calf-high boots that were worn frequently by the go-go dancers. Hence the name.

first published:October 13, 2008, 14:41 IST
last updated:October 13, 2008, 14:41 IST