Husband, Wife and 7-Month-Old Baby Buried Alive on Brazilian Beach after Cliff Crashes on Them

A family of three was buried alive on a Brazilian beach after a cliff collapsed on them | Image credit: Twitter

A family of three was buried alive on a Brazilian beach after a cliff collapsed on them | Image credit: Twitter

Hugo Pereira, 32 and his wife Stella Souza, 33, were spending a day on the Rio Grande do Norte beach in Brazil with their seven-month-old son when the cliff collapsed, killing all three.

In a heart-wrenching incident, a family of three – including a seven-month-old baby – lost their lives after a section of a cliff collapsed and buried them under the sand at a beach in the north-eastern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte. The incident occurred on Tuesday, November 17 and the family was laid to rest on Wednesday.

According to a report, the family comprised of the married couple and their seven months old son. Hugo Pereira was 32 years old and his wife Stella Souza was 33 years old. The couple had named their little boy Sol Souza. After the incident occurred, the locals gathered around the Pipa beach to remove the debris. While they were at it, they found Sol in his mother’s arms.

Igor Caetano, who operates a business at the beach, revealed that once the rubble was removed, it was found that little Sol is still breathing. A doctor who was present nearby tried his best to revive the little boy, but unfortunately, he too could not survive. The family’s pet dog too lost his life in the incident.

The city officials had posted warning signs of potential landslides in the area. This was because of the high tides that have been striking the cliff’s base over the years, making it erode over time.

Fábio Pinheiro, a city government spokesman, mentioned that the family was both advised and warned of the potential risks of sitting near the cliff by an inspector. Till now, the Fire Department of Rio Grande do Norte has not given a report revealing the reason behind the cliff collapse.

Sânzia Maria, mother of Stella, said, “They were very happy, a very happy family. Hugo was a wonderful man who took good care of Stella and Sol. They were people who only left happiness.”

Stella, who was studying psychology at the university, also leaves behind another son from her previous relationship.

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