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I am not a womanizer, says 'Jo Hum Chahein' hero

I am not a womanizer, says 'Jo Hum Chahein' hero

Sunny Gill was a successful model before becoming a hero with director Pawan Gill's 'Jo Hum Chahein'.

New Delhi: Sunny Gill was a successful model before becoming a hero with director Pawan Gill's 'Jo Hum Chahein'. The film might have not done well at the box office but the actor's face is noticed by the audiences. IBNLive talks to Sunny Gill about the hurdles and setbacks he has faced in his journey so far.

Q: When did you decide to become an actor?

A: Actually the story goes back to my childhood days. I was always fascinated by the fact that the same person can live several lives on screen. Take Aamir or Salmam for example. They are a new man in each film. Marlon Brando may not be alive today but his work is with us. You can play banker, builder, policeman, thief anything. I always wanted to be an actor.

Q: Tell us something about your early life and education?

A: Basically I am from Ludhiana, Punjab. I went to Canada after finishing my basic education. I started modelling right after completing my graduation where TV campaigns, music videos and ramp shows came my way.

Q: You gave auditions for 'Jo Hum Chahein' despite the fact that your brother Pawan Gill was the director.

A: My brother wanted an established actor for the lead role. At that time I had signed a film with a reputed production house but when I expressed my desire to my brother he made it clear that I will have to appear for auditions.

Q: Didn't you give auditions for Yash Raj Films because your brother has worked a lot with YRF?

A: Yes. I have given auditions for YRF also. I was in touch with a casting director there. I was hopeful about getting a role in one of the Yash Chopra films when my brother decided to make 'Jo Hum Chahein'.

Q: Do you identify with the character of Rohan Bhatia in 'Jo Hum Chahein', who is a flamboyant and ambitious young man?

A: Rohan's character is like today's youth who wants to become successful overnight. The character had to be easy with girls which I am in my real life too.

Q: But the character you played in the film seems like a womanizer.

A: (Laughs) I am not a womanizer but I really like their company.

Q: Any interesting incident happened during the shooting of 'Jo Hum Chahein'?

A: Yes, there were many interesting incidents and I want to share one of them. We were shooting a swimming pool sequence. The camera was fixed and I had to dive in the water. I dived but somehow the body pressure was not adjusted and my trunk got off. Later I suggested the director to keep the shot in the film but he did not accept the proposal.

Q: Your chemistry with your co-star Simran appears good.

A: She makes me a good actor. Initially we did not know each other but the ice broke during the acting workshop. I am really fond of her.

Q: Is this true that you are fascinated with negative characters?

A: Negative characters always provide scope for good acting. A negative character gives a better graph for any actor. A romantic hero remains a romantic hero throughout the film while a grey character does not remain the same till the end. For example, take Ranbir's character in 'Rockstar'. Such roles give you a lot to explore.

Q: Any particular director you want to work with?

A: I appreciate Anurag Kashyap a lot. I want to do a character like KK's in 'Gulaal' or like Abhay Deol's in 'Dev D'.

Q: What are your forthcoming projects?

A: Some people have called after seeing the film and I am in talks with some producers. I am waiting for good proposals.


first published:December 20, 2011, 14:14 IST