I am who I am, I can't erase the internet: Sunny Leone

I am who I am, I can't erase the internet: Sunny Leone

Since her stint in 'Bigg Boss', Sunny Leone has become a favourite with the producers of the Hindi film industry.

Rohit Vats
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  • Last Updated: December 10, 2013, 1:30 PM IST
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New Delhi: Since her stint in 'Bigg Boss', Sunny Leone has become a favourite with the producers in the Hindi film industry. So far, she has been featured in films such as 'Jism 2' and 'Shootout At Wadala', and now she will be seen in Kaizad Gustad's 'Jackpot'. Sunny talks candidly about her experience in Bollywood and 'Jackpot' co-star Naseeruddin Shah.

Sunny Leone had auctioned her clothes after 'Jism 2'. Is she going to do something similar after the release of 'Jackpot'? "I do not know at this point of time, but the young man who did the styling for 'Jackpot' is dying to put some of his dresses in boutiques and other places. These dresses are highly stylised. I think after the release of the film people are going to fall in love with these dresses."

Several producers are considering you for their projects. "This is a dream come true. I think this is the time which I will never be able to redo, and this is something that doesn't happen with everyone. I hope it continues for a long time. I have brought my whole world to Mumbai now."

How was the experience of working with an acting stalwart like Naseeruddin Shah? "It was amazing, bahot mazaa aaya. On the very first day of shooting I walked up to him and said 'if you have any advice for me just tell me. Even if you want to say you are horrible just say it, I won't mind.' He just laughed at me. We learnt a lot from him. In any case my character was too scared of him."

That means your diary is actually full with offers currently. "(Laughs) There are a few films in the pipeline. There are offers but I need to figure out where I fit in."

"Obviously, 'Jackpot' is completely different from 'Ragini MMS 2', it's a very nice genre kind of a movie which appeals to a certain market."

"Tina and Lolo is a women centric film with two girls who jump over cars, kick some backs, with guns in the hand and taking guys down. Karishma Tanna and I have a great chemistry in the film. It seemed that we are friends forever on the sets. Further, who doesn't want to see two hot girls wearing short dresses like we have seen in 'Charlie's Angels', 'Kill Bill' and 'Thelma And Louise'. The next movie after that is a comedy as well."

All high on glamour quotient? "Sex appeal has to be there otherwise why would we fall in love with our favourite actors?"

What are your expectations from 'Jackpot'? "I don't know what's going to happen on December 13, whether people are going to appreciate it or not, but I just hope they like 'Jackpot'."

"I am who I am, I can't erase the internet, and hopefully with every movie I do, my work gets appreciated."

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