Home » News » India » I knew that 'Kai Po Che' was going to turn out well because of the team: Amrita Puri

I knew that 'Kai Po Che' was going to turn out well because of the team: Amrita Puri

I knew that 'Kai Po Che' was going to turn out well because of the team: Amrita Puri

Actress Amrita Puri joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on her movie 'Kai Po Che'.

Actress Amrita Puri joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on her movie 'Kai Po Che'.

Q. What's your goal in this film industry? Asked by: rjthedj

A. To do good work honestly that is what I started acting for. And to hopefully be remembered for it.

Q. You play a role of a Gujarati girl..did you learn Gujarati for this movie? Asked by: titir

A. A few words but my focus was on getting her mannerisms and the way she would think

Q. How did you feel working with Abhishek Kapoor? Asked by: Ankil

A. It was fantastic. I would work with him again in a heartbeat.

Q. Did you get further offers for other movies? Any telugu movies among them? Asked by: Krishna

A. I am reading scripts but have not signed anything so far. No telugu amongst them.

Q. Amrita you bring freshness o the movie , loved your role.. Asked by: Rahul grover

A. Thank you so much.

Q. Hi Amrita, With utmost sincerity I found the movie quiet average though your performance was (keeping in mind your role) was good. I just want to understand how much can an actor influence director, Amitabh, in terms of how a movie should proceed? Asked by: Saurabh

A. The director is the captain and the leader. The film is and should be his vision.

Q. Which experience was better? Aicha or Kai poche?? Asked by: Suprita

A. 'Kai Po Che' for sure.

Q. Have you read Chetan Bhagat's novel "3 Mistakes of my Life " before signing this movie? Asked by: Nandan Phirangi

A. I read it after signing.

Q. What are your future plans? Asked by: Karishma

A. To keep acting hopefully.

Q. Hi Amrita, Your role in the movie was awesome, you looked great and gorgeous? What are upcoming movies? Asked by: omniscient

A. Thanks I haven't signed anything so far.

Q. What was the reason you chose to act in this movie? Asked by: Krishna

A. The script, the director and my role. I loved it.

Q. Loved your performance & Mole on ur face :) how difficult it is to act in a male oriented movie ? as a had limited role? Asked by: SharadC

A. I loved the mole too. It was Gattus idea. It wasn't difficult. I had a great team and that is what matters.

Q. Who was your favourite amongst the three boys in the film? Asked by: titir

A. I love all of them.

Q. How much time you give to preparing and learning the character before you actually play it? Asked by: Abhishek

A. It depends on the role really.

Q. Actor you would like to work with? Asked by: Suprita

A. Ranbir Kapoor. I'm a huge fan.

Q. This was the first time I have seen you in a movie. Your smile must pass off as one of the best I have seen. And the vulnerability you displayed in the auto-rickshaw was top class acting. Keep smiling ! Asked by: Shekhar

A. That is such a great compliment. Watch Aisha my first movie and tell me what you think.

Q. Hey I like your smile too much how do you maintain this cuteness on your face? Asked by: Shail

A. Hahahahah it is a secret.

Q. What was your reaction when you found out you were being given a role in this movie? Asked by: Ankil

A. I was super happy.

Q. It was a job well done as Vidya. Very realistic. How much training did you take for the Garbha? Asked by: Kartik

A. Thanks. I had to practice a lot for garba to make sure I looked like a proper Gujju doing garba.

Q. Were you confident in acting in a non star cast movie? did u expect the movie to be a hit? Asked by: shreya

A. I knew that the film was going to turn out well because of the team and gattu. I was confident about my cast because they are all bloody talented.

Q. Hi Amrita .. you are so stunning .. and you have done a great job in movie.. which city you belong to? Asked by: amby

A. Thanks. I'm a Bombay gal.

Q. Second movie..so much fame..must be a superb feeling? Well good luck for the future..touch the zeniths :) Asked by: Karishma

A. Thanks. This is my third film. And it is a great feeling.

Q. Your father is a big person in the banking sector, what does he feel about your entry in Bollywood? Asked by: rani

A. He is very proud of me.

Q. Now, since 'Kai Po Che' is hit. How are you feeling? Asked by: Ravi

A. Unbelievably good.

Q. Did you read the novel '3 mistakes of life' to understand the character of vidya more deeply? Asked by: Karishma

A. Yes I did. And it helped a lot.

Q. If not an actor what would Amrita be? Asked by: @rock

A. A writer/journalist.

Q. Among 3 khans in the industry, whom you would like to work with? Asked by: Karishma

A. Aamir Khan without a doubt.

Q. What is the difference between Amrita Puri and Vidya? Asked by: Shobana

A. Amrita is not so flirtatious and gutsy. Vidya is pretty bold.

Q. How difficult was it for you to justify your role in a story of 3 guys. Asked by: Vinay

A. Not difficult at all. I had a beautifully fleshed out role.

Q. Your performance was superb. Asked by: bharat

A. :)

Q. Do you think more books must be adopted and be made into movies or not? If yes, then why are they not being made? Asked by: Krishna

A. It doesn't matter if it is an adaptation or not. What matters is a good story.

Q. What's your beauty secret? 'Prakarti ka sparsh' ..? Loved that ad. Asked by: Karishma

A. :) I love sleeping.

Q. What is your educational qualification and which college did you go to? Asked by: Steve Ch

A. I went to St Xaviers and did my BA in English. After that a Post Grad degree in Mass Communication.

Q. Can you tell us more about yourself. Your childhood, family and whereabouts. Asked by: Kartik

A. I lived in Hong Kong and Malaysia for a few years. We moved to Mumbai in 1996 and I have lived here ever since. My mom is a house wife and my dad a banker. I have an elder brother who lives in Singapore with his family.

Q. I think you are ready for main lead.Are you planning to do a romantic movie? Asked by: Ranbir

A. I was the main lead in 'Kai Po Che' and in my last movie 'Blood money'.

Q. Were you always interested in acting? Didn't you want to get into the banking field like your father? Asked by: preethi

A. I hate maths exactly like my character Vidya and I dislike finance as well. I have loved acting since college.

Q. If Hollywood Offer comes at this initial stage of your acting career.. will you go for it? Asked by: Steve Ch

A. If it is a good role then hell yeah.

Q. Your favourite song in the movie 'kai po che'? Asked by: Karishma

A. Mithi boliyan.

Q. Hi Amrita, who was your valentine this 14th feb? Asked by: Nitin

A. Me.

Q. Are you a cricket lover in real life? Asked by: Karishma

A. Nope. I find it boring.

Q. Can you tell did you designed your clothes yourself for the movie. Specially the dandiya dress. Asked by: sandeep

A. Niharika Khan did all the clothes in the film

Q. Want to work with Big B? Asked by: bharat

A. Who doesn't.

Q. Was Chetan there on the shoot? Asked by: Kumar

A. He came on set once or twice.

Q. What was it like working with 3 male co stars? Asked by: Prashanth

A. Great. I got pampered.

Q. You were looking stunning in the movie . What's the reason behind your smile Asked by: garg

A. The reason...there is no reason. Im just lucky I inherited dimples

Q. Hi Amrita, You dimples are adorable and you are very charming. What was the most challenging scene for you in the movie? Asked by: Shubham

A. Thanks :) The risckshaw scene was the most difficult

Q. Do you reply to your fans on twitter? Asked by: Nitin

A. Whenever I can.

Q. Ever you thought about acting in film, in your childhood? Asked by: bharat

A. I dreamed about it but never thought of it seriously.

first published:February 25, 2013, 18:09 IST