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I will never call myself a star: Anushka Sharma

I will never call myself a star: Anushka Sharma

She confesses that it takes a lot of thinking before she bu

Anushka Sharma received a lot of appreciation for her work in the Yash Raj film ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’ (BBB) and will be next seen in Nikhil Advani’s ‘Patiala House’ that releases on February 11.

Anushka Sharma says that her life has changed in many ways after the success of BBB. She says, “I think after BBB, people are viewing me differently. I am being seen as a bankable actor. I have received lots of appreciation and feeling more comfortable in the industry.” But she is still a little apprehensive of calling herself a star. “I am scared of calling myself a star. I never will. I guess that is something for people to decide. I just go on the sets, do my work and get back. It doesn’t matter to me whether the film’s poster and publicity plans give me importance or not.” When asked her about whether she has spoken to artist MF Husain, who has apparently seen BBB about 10 times and she replies, “I know that he has watched the film many times but I haven’t spoken to him so I really don’t know whether he has liked me in the film or not.”

Even though three films old, Anushka says that she still finds it difficult to make an expensive buy that she can afford now. “I bought a high-end bag and had to think a lot before buying it. I come from a middle-class family. And paying so much money makes me think that this is how much one would pay for an EMI installment of a house. These questions haunt me. I am high street shopper. I don’t like to shop from high-end designer as I don’t understand those clothes. I don’t want young girls to have a wrong impression about these things. I am working and I can afford this bag. And girls of 16, 17 shouldn’t pressurise their parents to buy them one thinking it’s a must-have. I used to demand for such things and my parents have always told me that I can have one when I start earning as they couldn’t afford to buy me one.” She adds, “I don’t think people should value themselves by the possession they have. I am 22 and I earn well but I work very hard for it. There are times when I work for 20 hours a day and I don’t meet my friends and family often. I have made these sacrifices because I like what I am doing.”

Anushka is glad that her parents always supported her decisions. “I wanted to be a model and then an actor and my parents were okay with it. I have been very lucky. But I know of someone very close who had to fight opposition from parents, so I can empathise with the role that Akshay plays in my next film ‘Patiala House’.”