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Independence Day: Full Text of Narendra Modi's Red Fort Speech


Last Updated: August 16, 2019, 07:48 IST

Independence Day: Full Text of Narendra Modi's Red Fort Speech

This was Prime Minister Narendra Modi's sixth straight independence day speech.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday delivered his sixth straight Independence Day speech where he touched upon a variety of issues including his government's decision on Jammu and Kashmir.

Here is the full text of PM Modi's speech at Red Fort.

My dear countrymen,

On this holy day of Independence, many wishes to all countrymen.

Today is also the festival of Raksha-Bandhan. This centuries-old tradition expresses the love of brotherly sisterhood. I extend my best wishes to all the countrymen and all the brothers and sisters on this holy festival of Raksha Bandhan. This festival of affection should be fulfilling the hopes and aspirations in the lives of all our brothers and sisters, fulfilling dreams and enhancing affection.

Today, when the country is celebrating the festival of independence, at the same time due to excessive rains in many parts of the country, people are facing difficulties due to floods. Many have lost their lives. I express my condolences to them and the State Government, Central Government, NDRF, all organizations are working day and night to reduce the distress of the citizens, how to return to normalcy quickly.

Today, when we are celebrating this holy day of independence, for the freedom of the country, who gave their lives, who gave their youth, who cut the youth in prisons, who kissed the hanging noose, who through satyagraha Filled the voice of non-violence in the bugle of independence from. The country attained independence under the leadership of Pujya Bapu. I pay my respectful salute to all those sacrificed freedom-seekers of India today.

In the same way after the independence of the country, Lakshwadhi people have contributed for so many years for the peace of the country, for security, for prosperity. Today, I salute the people who have contributed to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of the people for the development of independent India, for peace, for prosperity.

After the formation of the new government, I have the opportunity to once again glorify you all today with the Red Fort. This new government has not been given ten weeks yet, but even in a short ten-week tenure, all kinds of efforts have been emphasized in all areas, in all directions, new dimensions have been given and the general public has given hope, expectation , Has given us the opportunity to serve with aspirations, without delaying even a single moment to fulfill it, we are fully engaged in your service with full capacity, full dedication.

Withdrawal of Article 370 within ten weeks, the withdrawal of 35A is an important step towards realizing the dreams of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Within ten weeks, three Muslim men and sisters are empowered Legislation against divorce, radical changes in the laws related to terror, giving it a new power, strengthening the resolve to fight against terrorism, our farmer brothers Not sisters marks a very important job ahead of the prime minister to transfer the accounts of 90 thousand crore farmers under the respected fund.

Our farmer brothers and sisters, our small business brothers and sisters, they never imagined that there could ever be a pension arrangement in their lives. They can also live with dignity after the age of sixty. When the body does not help to do more work, at that time there is some support, it has also implemented the pension scheme.

There is a lot of discussion about the water crisis, the future will go through the water crisis, it is also discussed, by thinking about those things in advance, the Center and the state make plans for a joint water ministry. A separate water power ministry has also been created for this .

A large number of doctors are needed in our country, there is a need for health facilities and systems. To accomplish that, new laws are needed, new arrangements are needed, new thinking is needed, the youth of the country need to be given opportunities to become doctors. Keeping those things in mind, we have enacted several important laws to make medical education transparent, and have taken important decisions.

Today, we hear incidents of atrocities with children all over the world. India too cannot leave our little children helpless. Stringent law management was necessary to protect those children. We have also completed this work.

Brothers and sisters, 2014 to 2019, you gave me a chance to serve for five years. Many things were like this ... the common man struggles for his personal needs. We have tried continuously for five years to emphasize on the daily life needs of our citizens, especially the village, the poor, the farmer, the Dalit, the victim, the exploited, the deprived, the tribal, We have tried and brought the car on the track and work is going on in that direction very fast today. But time varies. If 2014 to 2019 was a period of fulfillment of needs, then the period after 2019 is a period of fulfillment of the aspirations of the countrymen, the period of realizing their dreams and so how should India of the 21st century, how fast it moves, how much Works extensively, from which height do you think, keeping all these things in mind,

In 2014, I was new to the country. Before the elections in 2013-14, I was trying to understand the feelings of the countrymen by visiting India. But there was a disappointment, a fear on everyone's face. People wondered if this country can change? Will changing the governments change the country? A disappointment had gone home in the mind of the common man. This was the result of the experience of a long period of time - the hopes did not last long, in a second or two, hope sank into the trough of despair. But when in 2019, after five years of hard work with sole dedication for the common people, my country, only and only my heart, my heart, my heart and my country and millions of people of this country carry this feeling Oh, keep spending every moment for that and when I went in 2019, I was surprised. The mood of the countrymen had changed. Disappointment was transformed into hope, dreams, resolutions, Siddhi was visible and the common man had only one voice - Yes, my country can change. The common human had only one echo - yes, we too can change the country, we cannot stay behind.

These expressions of facial expressions of 130 crore citizens, this echo of feelings gives us new strength, new faith.

Everybody went with the mantra of development, but within five years, the countrymen colored the entire atmosphere with the color of everyone's faith. All this faith was born in five years, which will inspire us to serve the countrymen with more power in the coming days.

I had seen this election and I had also said at that time - neither any politician was contesting the election, nor was any political party contesting the election, neither was Modi contesting, nor were Modi's colleagues contesting, the common man of the country , Janata-Janardan was contesting elections, 130 crore countrymen were contesting elections, fighting for their dreams. The true form of democracy was seen in this election.

My dear countrymen, solution to the problems - along with the period of dreams, determination and accomplishment - we have to walk together now. It is clear that when problems are solved, a sense of self-respect arises. The solution leads to self-reliance. When self-reliance occurs, self-esteem is exposed automatically and self-esteem is very strong. The power of self-respect is greater than anyone and when there is a solution, a resolution, an ability, a self-respect, then nothing can come in the way of success and today the country can reach new heights of success with that self-respect. , Is determined to move forward. When we see solutions to problems ,So do not think in pieces. Troubles will come, put your hands together and leave for the same thing, this method will not work for realizing the dreams of the country. We have to try to erase the problems from the roots. You must have seen our Muslim daughters, our sisters, three divorced swords hanging over their heads, they lived a scared life. The triple talaq may not have been the victim, but the triple talaq could have been perpetrated anytime, this fear did not let them live, forcing them. Many countries of the world, Islamic countries, they also ended this evil practice long before us, but for some reason we hesitated to give rights to these Muslim mothers and sisters. If in this country, we can abolish the practice of sati, we can make laws to abolish feticide, if we can raise voice against child marriage, we can take drastic steps against the practice of dowry transactions Can liftHolding the spirit , respecting the spirit of the Constitution of India, respecting the spirit of Babasaheb Ambedkar, our Muslim sisters should get equal rights, a new faith should be born in them, they should also become active participants in the development journey of India, That is why we took this important decision. These decisions are not decisions of weighing the political scales , can guarantee to protect the lives of mothers and sisters for centuries.

Similarly, I want to give another example - Article 370 , 35A . What was the reason ? The identity of this government is - we do not avoid problems nor do we avoid problems. Now is not the time to avoid problems , now is not the time to address problems. Who work past 70 is not in years , after the formation of the new government, 70 Article Within days 370 and 35A of both houses of removing India ,The Rajya Sabha and the Lok Sabha passed by a two-thirds majority. It means that everyone had this thing in their heart, but who would start, who came next, maybe that was waiting and the countrymen gave me this job and I have come to do what you gave me. I have nothing of my own.

We also proceeded towards Jammu and Kashmir reorganisation . 70 years everyone has tried something, every government has made some effort but the desired results have not been achieved and when the desired results are not found, then there is a need to think afresh, to take fresh steps. it occurs. And it is the responsibility of all of us to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh. It is the responsibility of all of us to have new wings. And for that 130 crore countrymen have to take up this responsibility and to fulfill this responsibility, we have tried to remove whatever obstacles have come up.

In the last 70 years, these systems have given rise to separatism, created terrorism, instilled familism and have in a way strengthened the foundations of corruption and discrimination. And so the women there get rights. My Dalit brothers and sisters there, they did not get the rights that the Dalits used to get. Tribal groups in our country should also get the rights that tribals get. There are many such people of our society and system, be it Gurjars, Bakarwals, Gaddis, Sippies, Baltis - many such tribes, they should also get political rights. In the direction of give him, we will be surprised, our cleaning staff brothers and sisters were legally banned. His dreams were crushed. Today we have done the work of giving them this freedom.

India was partitioned, millions and millions of people displaced had no crime but those who settled in Jammu and Kashmir did not get human rights, civil rights also. My hill brothers and sisters are also inside Jammu and Kashmir. We want to take steps to worry about them too.

My dear countrymen, Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh can become an inspiration for India for prosperity and peace. Can contribute a lot to India's development journey. Let us all try to return those old great days. The new system that has been created with regard to those efforts will create the facility to directly work for the interests of the citizens. Now the common citizen of the country, Jammu and Kashmir can also ask the Delhi government. He will not face any interruptions. We have been able to do this straightforward arrangement today. But while the entire nation, even within all political parties, is not an exception, not a single political party , there has been some silent support for the removal of Articles 370 , 35A . But some people weighing the scales of elections in the corridors of politics 370Keep saying something in favor of. The country is asking those who advocate in favor of 370 , if this Article 370 , this 35A was so important, so important , it was about to change its fate. why not permanent Why is Temporary maintained? If there was so much conviction, I would have come forward and made it permanent. But this means, you also know that it has been decided, it has not been corrected, but you did not have the courage to reform, did not intend to. There were question marks on the political future. For me the future of the country is everything, the political future is nothing.

The makers of our constitution, great men like Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, took important decisions for the unity of the country, for the sake of state integration, even in those difficult times. Successfully attempted to unify the country. But due to Article 370 , 35A has also encountered some obstacles.

Today when I am addressing the country from the Red Fort, I say with pride that today every Hindustani can say - One Nation, One Constitution and we, an all-India India of Sardar Saheb, started to realize this dream. Has happened. Then it becomes clear that we should develop such arrangements that strengthen the unity of the country , emerge as a cementing force to connect the country and this process must go on continuously. She is not there for a time, must be continuous.

Through the GST , we have realized the dream of One Nation, One Tax. Similarly, in the last days in the field of energy, One Nation, One Grid has also successfully completed this work.

Similarly , we have also developed this system - One Nation, One Mobility Card. And today there is widespread discussion in the country, "One country, simultaneous elections". It should be discussed, it should be done in a democratic way and at some time we have to add more such new things to realize the dreams of "One India-Best India".

My dear countrymen, the country has to cross new heights, the country has to establish its place inside the world. So we have to give strength to the feeling of freedom from poverty in our home also. It is not a favor to anyone. For India's bright future, we have to be free from poverty. In the last five years, people have come out of poverty, very successful efforts have been made towards reducing poverty. Success has been achieved in this direction at a faster pace and greater prevalence than before. But still the poor person, if he gets the respect, his self-respect is awakened, then he is not waiting for the government to fight poverty Will do.He will come to defeat poverty with his strength. If anyone has the strength to fight adversity more than any of us, then my poor brothers and sisters have it. No matter how cold it is, it can close the fist and survive. He has this power within him. Let us become priests of that capacity and hence we should overcome the difficulties of his daily life.

What is the reason that my poor have no toilet, no electricity in the house, no house to live in, no water facilities, no bank account, go to the moneylenders' house to take loans in a way You have to pledge something. Come, let us try to give strength to the self-respect, self-confidence of the poor, to advance their self-esteem.

Brothers and sisters, it's been 70 years of independence. All governments have done many things in their own way. Why should the government be of any party, be it the central or the state, everyone has tried in their own way. But it is also true that today almost half of the houses in Hindustan are those which do not have drinking water. They have to struggle to get drinking water. Mothers and sisters have to go to two-three, three-five, five-kilometer carrying pot, carrying the burden on Kosir. A lot of life is spent only in water and hence this government has decided to emphasize a special work and that is - how to reach water in every house of ours? How does every house get water? How to get pure drinking water? And so today I announce from the Red Fort that we will move forward in the coming days by taking forward the water- life mission . thisWater-life mission, the central and state governments will work together for this and in the coming years more than three and a half lakh crore rupees this water- life missionWe have resolved to spend for Whether it is water harvesting, water harvesting, drop of rain drops, it may be a matter of treating seawater or waste water, 'Per Drop, More Crop', Micro Irrigation for farmers, There should be a campaign to save water, ordinary citizens should become aware, sensitive to water, understand the importance of water, children should also be taught the importance of water from childhood. For water collection, we constantly try to revive the sources of water and we move forward with the belief that the work done in the water sector in the last 70 years, we have more than four times that work in 5 years Will have to do. Now we cannot wait longer and the great saint of this country, hundreds of years ago, Saint Thiruvalluvar ji said an important thing at that time, hundreds of years ago,Sant Thiruvalluvar Ji had said, "Neer indri amiyadu, ulag :, neer indri amiyadu, ulag :," that is, when the water is exhausted, the work of nature stops, stops. In a way, destruction starts.

I was born in Gujarat, the pilgrimage area in Gujarat is Mahudi, which is in North Gujarat. People of Jain community keep coming there. About 100 years ago, there was a Jain monk there, he was born in a farmer's house, was a farmer, worked in the field, but he became initiated and became a Jain monk by joining with the Jain tradition.

He has gone to writing about 100 years ago. Budhi Sagar Ji Maharaj has written that one day it will come when water will be sold in the grocery store. You can imagine 100 years ago a saint wrote that water will be sold in the grocery store and today we take drinking water from the grocery store. Where did we reach from where.

My dear countrymen, neither we have to be tired, nor we have to stop, neither we have to stop nor we have to hesitate to move forward. This campaign should not become official. This campaign of water harvesting, as the campaign of sanitation was carried out, should become a campaign of common man. We have to move forward on the ideals of the common people, on the expectations of the common people, on the potential of the common people.

My dear countrymen, now our country has reached a time in which we no longer need to hide ourselves from many things. The time has come to accept the challenges from the front. Sometimes we take decisions with the intention of political profit and loss, but this causes a lot of loss for future generations of the country.

There is one such topic that I want to explain today from the Red Fort. And that is the topic, the massive population explosion that is happening here. This population explosion creates many new crises for us, our coming generation, but it has to be recognized that there is a conscious class in our country, which is well - understands well. Before giving birth to the baby in his house, he thinks well that I will do injustice to him somewhere. I will be able to fulfill his human needs, I will not be able to fulfill his dreams, I will be able to play my role to fulfill those dreams. All these parameters By taking account of our family from our country, even today a small section of our country is self-motivated by limiting the family, it also does good to their family and contributes a lot in the well being of the country. They are all officers of respect, they are officers of honor. Even by having a small family, he manifests patriotism. They express patriotism. I would like all the people of our society to watch their lives closely to see how much they have served the family by protecting themselves from the increase in population in their families. Not just a generation, how the family has moved forward, how the children have been educated, how the family is free from disease, how that family meets their primary needs very well. We also learn from them and Before any baby comes to our house, let us think that the baby who will come to my house, have I prepared myself to meet the requirements of that child? Will I leave it to the society? I will leave him to his fate? There can be no parent who is forced to give birth to their children to live this type of life and hence a social awareness is required.

The people who have played this huge role need their respect, and the examples of their efforts, adding to the rest of the society, who are still out of it, population explosion - we have to worry about it.

Governments also have to come forward under different schemes. Be it the state government, the central government - everyone has to walk shoulder to shoulder to fulfill this responsibility. We cannot think of an unhealthy society, we cannot think of an uneducated society. In 21st century India, the ability to fulfill dreams begins with the individual, starts with the family, but if the population is not educated, not well-off, neither does that home prosper, nor does that country prosper.

If the population is educated, empowered, skilled and has the resources to provide the appropriate environment to meet their wishes and needs, then I think the country can fulfill these things.

My dear countrymen, you are well aware that corruption, nepotism has damaged our country beyond imagination and entered our life like a termite. We are constantly trying to get him out. There have been successes too, but the disease is so deep, the disease is so spread that we will have to put more efforts, and that too at every level, not just at the government level, and it will have to be done continuously. Work does not work, bad habits - like chronic disease, sometimes get cured, but once you get a chance, the disease comes again. Likewise, it is a disease, which we have taken many steps towards abolishing it using continuous technology . Every effort has been made to strengthen honesty and transparency at every level .

You must have seen in the last five years also, this time , good people sitting in the government were discharged. The obstacles that were created in our campaign, they were asked to do their business, now the country does not need your services.

I think clearly, there should be a change in the systems, but at the same time there should be a change in the social life. There should be a change in the social life, along with that a change in the mind and heart of the people running the systems is very essential. Only then can we achieve the desired results.

Brothers and sisters, the country has matured after so many years of independence. We are going to celebrate 75 years of independence. Then this freedom is also necessary for easy culture, easy nature, easy feeling. When I sit with my officers, I speak one thing, I did not speak in public, but if I want to speak today, I should speak. I repeatedly say among my officers that after so many years of independence, the interference of governments in everyday life, in the lives of ordinary citizens, can we not reduce that interference? The meaning of independent India for me is that slowly the governments come out of the lives of the people, to move forward in making decisions of their lives, all paths should be open for them, willingly in that direction, the country For the dreams of the family and for the betterment of the family, we will have to make such an eco-system. And that's why the government should not be under pressure, but at the same time where there are moments of trouble, So there should not be any absence of government. Neither the pressure of the government nor the lack of government, but let us move forward with dreams. The government is present every moment as one of our companions. It should be felt that if there is a need, there is no concern, can we develop such kind of arrangements?

We have abolished many laws that are not necessary. In the last 5 years, in a way, I abolished a non-essential law every day. This thing may not have reached the people of the country. Done one law every day, almost 1450 laws. Reduce the burden from normal human life. It has been 10 weeks for the government, now it has abolished 60 such laws in these 10 weeks.

Ease of living is the need of independent India and hence we want to emphasize Ease of living, we want to take it forward. Today, we are making great progress in Ease of doing business. To dream of reaching the first 50, it will require many reforms, there are many minor obstacles. If a person wants to do a small industry or wants to do a small job, then fill the form here, fill the form here, go here, go to that office and get involved in troubles like traveling in hundreds of offices, there is no match Sits By eliminating them, reforming them, taking the center and states along, taking the municipal-municipalities together, We have been successful in doing a lot in the work of Ease of doing business. And confidence has also arisen in the world that such a big developing country like India can dream such a big dream and can jump so big. Ease of doing business is a halt, my destination is Ease of living - In the life of a normal person, he should not have any difficulty in government work, he should get his rights easily and that is why we need to move forward. Want to work in the direction.

My dear countrymen, our country should move forward, but incremental progress, the country cannot wait long for that, we will have to jump high, we will have to jump, we will have to change our thinking also. To bring India on par with the Global Benchmark, our modern infrastructure will have to go towards it and anyone can say anything, but the common man's dream is of good arrangements. Good things make him feel good, he is interested in him. And so we have decided that in these times 100 lakh crore rupees modern Infrastructure will be set up, which will also provide employment, new arrangements will also be developed in life which will also fulfill the needs. Whether it is the Sagarmala project, whether the Bharatmala project, whether it is to build modern railway stations or bus stations, or to build airports, whether to build modern hospitals, whether to build world-class educational institutions, all of them in terms of infrastructure We want to move things forward. Now seaport is also needed in the country . Normal life has also changed its mind. We have to understand this.

Earlier, there was a time that if there is only a decision on paper that a railway station is going to be built in Falana area, then for months, years there was a positive buzz that let's have a new railway station coming close to us. Today's time has changed. Today the general citizen is not satisfied with getting the railway station, he immediately asks, when will the Vande Bharat Express arrive in our area? His thinking has changed. If we make a very good bus station, build a FIVE STAR railway station , then the citizen there does not say that sir has done a great job today. He immediately says - When will the airport arrive? That is, his thinking has changed now. My citizen of the country, ever satisfied with the stoppage of the railway, immediately after getting the best railway station says, "Sir, the rest is fine, when will the airport come?"

Before meeting any citizen, he used to say- Sir, when will the paved road come? When will we have a paved road? If someone meets today, immediately says- Sir, will the 4 lane road be built with 6 lane? He does not want to be limited to only paved roads and I believe this is a big thing for aspiring India.

First, if the electric pole has been brought to sleep outside the village like this, then people say that come on, brother, there is electricity, now the pillar is lying down, there is not even a bury. Today, even if the wires are connected, if the meter is installed in the house, then they ask- Sir, when will the electricity come for 24 hours? He is no longer satisfied with poles, wires and meters.

When mobile first came, they thought that the mobile phone had arrived. He felt a satisfaction. But today he immediately starts discussing what is the speed of data ?

These changing moods, we have to understand the changing times and in the same way with Global Benchmark we have to provide our country with modern infrastructure - clean energy, gas based economy, gas grid, e-mobility, many more In areas we have to move forward.

My dear countrymen, the identity of the governments in our country generally remained as to what the government did for the so-called region, what it did for the so-and-so group, what it did for the so-and-so group? Usually what was given, how much was given, whom was given, who got it, the government and the public continued to walk around it and it was also considered good. I, too, may have been demanding at that time, but there must have been a need, but now who got what, how they got it, when they got it, how much did they get In spite of all this, where will we all take the country together, where will we all reach the country together, what will we all achieve for the country together, living these dreams, battling and moving, these are the demands of time. is. And so the dream of 5 Trillion Dollar Economy is cherished. If 130 crore countrymen start taking small things 5 Trillion Dollar Economy, many people find it difficult, they cannot be wrong, but if they do not work hard then how will the country move forward? If you do not take up difficult challenges, then where will the mood for walking become? Even from psychological point of view we should always keep high marks and we have kept. But it is not in the air. We had reached the two Trillion Dollar Economy 70 years after independence, the 70-year development journey took us to the two Trillion Dollar Economy. But within five years from 2014 to 2019, we have grown from two Trillion to three Trillion, adding a Trillion Dollar. If in five years, what happened in 70 years has taken such a big jump, then in the coming five years we can become 5 Trillion Dollar Economy, and this dream should be of every Hindustani. when As the economy grows, so does the convenience of making life better. Opportunities arise for realizing the dreams of a small person. And to create these opportunities, we have to take this thing forward in the economic sector of the country.

When we dream that the farmer of the country should have twice the income, when we dream that in the 75 years of independence, a family, even the poorest of the poor, should have a pucca house. When we dream that 75 years of independence, every family in the country should have electricity, when we dream that 75 years of independence, then every village in India should have optical fiber network, broadband connectivity, Long Distance Education facility.

Our maritime asset, Blue Economy, is to force the region. May we give strength to our fishermen brothers and sisters. Our farmers are feeders, be energetic. Why should not our farmers also become exporters. Why not be afraid of the things produced by our farmers inside the world. Taking these dreams, we want to walk. Our country will have to increase exports, we can only see the world and make India a market, we should also try our best to reach the world market.

In each of our districts, the strength of each country of the world, of small countries, is in our respective districts. We have to understand this potential, we have to channelize this capability and why not think towards becoming an export hub for every district , every district has its own handicraft, each district has its own specialties. If a district has the identity of perfume, then some district has the identity of sarees, in some district the utensils are famous, then in some district the sweets are famous. Each one has diversity, affordability, We Global Market of zero defect, zero effect to it and how manufacturing and introducing the world to the diversity that we then export to will force the world market If we work towards capturing, the youth of the country will get employment. Our small scale industries, micro level industries will get a huge power due to this and we have to increase that strength.

Our country may be a wonder to the world for Tourist Destination, but for some reason, we have not been able to do the work as fast as we should. Come, let us all the countrymen decide that we have to emphasize the tourism of the country . When tourism grows, at least capital investment provides more and more employment. The country's economy gets a boost and people all over the world are ready to see India afresh. Let us think about how the world came to our country, how our tourism sector should be strengthened and for this , there should be a provision of Tourist Destination, to increase the income of ordinary human beings, to get better education, new employment opportunities, middle class people. To make the dreams of life better, all the launching pad for high flying Should be available. Our scientists should have complete facilities for better resources, better facilities with our army , that too are made in the country, then I believe there are many areas which can give India a new power for a 5 trillion dollar economy. .

My dear brothers and sisters, today the country has a very favorable environment for achieving economic achievement. When government is stable, policy is predictable, arrangements are stable then the world also becomes a trust. The people of the country have shown this by working. The world is also watching India's political stability with great pride and respect. We should not let this opportunity go. Today the world is eager to do business with us. He wants to join us. Today, it is a matter of pride for us that while controlling inflation , we have come up with an important equation to increase the growth rate. Sometimes the growth rate increases, but inflation is not under control. Sometimes when inflation increases, there is no place for growth. But this is the government that has kept inflation Control also and further increased the growth rate.

The fundamentals of our economy are very strong. This strength gives us confidence to take us forward. In the same way, by developing a system like GST, bringing reform like IBC wants to create a new faith in itself. Increased production in our country, of our natural resources processing proceed, value addition to, value addition that things in the world which export to many countries in the world export offers. Why should we not dream that there will be no country in the world, where some thing does not go from India, there will not be any district of India from where something There is no export. If we go with both these things, then we can also increase the income. Our companies, our entrepreneurs, they also dream of going to the world market. Go to the world market and give strength to the status of India, our investors earn more, our investors invest more, our investors generate more employment - we are fully ready to come forward to encourage it.

In our country, some such wrong beliefs have taken place. One has to get out of those beliefs. Those who create the wealth of the country, who contribute to the wealth creation of the country, they are all serving the country. We should not look at wealth creator from the eyes of apprehension, do not look at them with inferiority. It is necessary that those who create wealth in the country should be equally respected and encouraged. Their pride should increase and wealth will not be distributed , wealth will not be distributed. If wealth is not distributed, then the poor man of the country will not benefit. And therefore wealth creation, it also has an important importance for a country like ours and we have to take it forward. The people who We are engaged in creating wealth, for me they are also the wealth of our country . His honor and pride will give new strength to this step.

My dear countrymen, today peace and security are essential aspects of development. The world is surrounded by insecurity today. In some part of the world, there is a shadow of death in some form or the other. India has to play its role for the prosperity of world peace. India cannot remain a mute spectator in the global environment and India is fighting vigorously against terrorists. The phenomenon of terror in any corner of the world is a waged war against humanism. It is therefore a call that the humanitarian powers of the world are united. Let India play its role in destroying terrorism by adding to the power of the world by presenting all such forces in front of the world in their true form , who are taking shelter of terrorism, promoting terrorism, exporting terrorism. This is what we want.

Some people have kept not only India but also the countries in our neighborhood devastated by terrorism. Bangladesh is also battling terrorism, Afghanistan is also battling terrorism. Inside Sri Lanka, innocent people were killed while sitting in a church. How painful we are and therefore when we fight against terrorism, we are also actively working to play our role for the peace and security of this entire land.

Our neighbor, a good friend of ours, Afghanistan will celebrate its independence after four days and this is the 100th year of their independence. I am going today from Red Fort to my friends from Afghanistan who are celebrating 100th Independence after four days , Give many good wishes.

To destroy those who create an atmosphere of terror and violence, those who spread them, those who create the atmosphere of fear, the policy of the government, the strategy of the government and our clarity in it are clear. We have no hesitation. Our soldiers, our security forces, security agencies have done very commendable work. In order to give peace to the country even in times of crisis, all the people standing in the uniform have sacrificed their lives to save our tomorrow. I salute them all . I bow to them. But in time, Reform is also very much needed.

You must have seen military system, military power, military resources - its reform has been under discussion for a long time. Many governments have discussed this. There have been many commissions, many reports have come and all the reports have been exposing almost the same tone. There is a difference of 19-20, there is not much difference, but these things have been said continuously. There is coordination between our three armies - water, land, sky, so we can be proud, such is the arrangement of our army. Let any Hindustani be proud, so be it. They also strive for modernity in their own way. But today as the world is changing, today the scope of war is changing, the shape is changing. Today, the way Technology Driven arrangements are being made, then India will not be able to think even in pieces. Our entire military will have to work together to move forward together. If one of water, land, sky is ahead, the other two steps are behind, the third is three steps, then it cannot move. All three proceed to the same height simultaneously. Today I want to announce an important decision from the Red Fort, keeping in mind that the coordination should be in accordance with the aspirations and aspirations of the common man, the changing war and security environment in the world. Those who are knowledgeable about this subject have been demanding this for a long time.

Today we have decided that we will now arrange for Chief of defense - CDS and after formation of this post all the three armies will get effective leadership at the top level. In the pace of the strategic world of Hindustan, this CDS is a very important and compelling task for our dream to reform.

My dear countrymen, we are lucky that we are born in such a period, we are living in such a period, we are in a period when we have the ability to do something. Sometimes it is always in the mind that when the war of independence was going on, great men like Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Rajguru were competing for their sacrifice. Under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, the freedom lovers were going door-to-door, street-by-street and waking up the country to realize their dreams of independence. We were not there at that time, we were not born, we did not get a chance to die for the country, but we have got a chance to live for the country. And it's a privilege that this period is like this, This year is very important for us. Bapu Mahatma Gandhi, this is the festival of his 150th birth anniversary. We have such opportunities in our time, it is our privilege. And second, 75 years of our independence, the remembrance of those who died for the independence of the country inspires us to do something. We do not have to let this opportunity get lost. In keeping with Mahatma Gandhi's dream in the heart of 130 crore countrymen, 75 years of independence and 150 years of Gandhi, we have to move forward by making this festival a great opportunity for our inspiration.

I spoke to this Red Fort for cleanliness in 2014. After a few weeks in 2019, I am confident that India will be able to declare itself open defecation free. States, villages, municipalities - everyone, media created a mass movement. The government was nowhere to be seen, people picked up and the results are out

My dear countrymen, I would like to put a small expectation in front of you today. On this 02 October, we can make India single use plastic, can it liberate the country from it. We go out, make school, leave school, college, we all remember the revered Bapu and be plastic in the house - single use plastic or outside, lying on the square, lying in a dirty drain, collect all that , municipalities, metros -Reports, Gram Panchayats should make arrangements to deposit it all. Can we take the first strong step towards bidding farewell to plastic on 2 October?

Come, my countrymen, let us take this forward. And then I urge start-ups, technicians, entrepreneurs to do what we can to recycle these plastics? Like plastic is being used to make highways. There can be many such disciplines, but due to which many problems are being created, we will have to launch a campaign to get rid of it. But at the same time we will have to give alternate arrangements. I would request all the shopkeepers, you always put a board in your shop, also put a board, please do not expect a plastic bag from us. You bring a bag of clothes from your home, or we will sell a cloth bag as well. Let us create an environment. On Diwali, where we give gifts to people in various ways, why not gift clothes bags to people this time and every time, so that someone will go to the market with a cloth bag, So will be the advertisement of your company. If you just give a diary, then maybe nothing happens, if you give a calendar, nothing happens, if you give a bag, then if you go, the bag will also advertise you. Jute bags will help my farmers, clothes bags, my farmers will get help. There are small tasks. The poor-widowed mother who will be sewing will help her, that is, how our small decision can also change the lives of ordinary human beings, we should work in that direction.

My dear countrymen, dream of Five trillion Dollar economy, dream of a self-reliant India, living the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi is still presented. The thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi are still praise today and that is why we have to take the mission of Make in India. Made in India Product, why should it not be our priority? Let us decide that what is made in my country in my life, I get, that will be my priority and we have to emphasize on local product for lucky tomorrow… lucky tomorrow. Lucky local for tomorrow, local for pleasant tomorrow, local for bright tomorrow, which should be made first in the village. If not there, in the tehsil, if you have to go outside the tehsil, in the district, if you have to go outside the district, in the state and I do not believe that after that, you will have to go somewhere for your needs. How much force will there be? How much strength will be given to our rural economy? How much force will be given to small entrepreneurs? How much will be given to our traditional things? Brothers and sisters, we like mobile phones, we like to send whatsapp, we like to live on facebook-twitter, but in the economy of the country we can also help. As much as technology is used for information, technology is equally used for the construction of modern India and why should we ordinary citizens not go for digital payment? Today we are proud that our Rupay card is running in Singapore, our Rupay card is going to run in the coming days and also in countries. Our digital platform is emerging very strongly, but in our village, even in small shops, even in small malls in our city, why should we emphasize on digital payment? Come for honesty, We should adopt digital payment for transparency and to give strength to the economy of the country. And I would say to the traders, you put up the board, most of the village will go to the merchants' board - today cash and tomorrow loan. I want that now we should put a board, digital payment should make yes no cash, it should create an environment. I urge the Banking sector, I urge business people to come and emphasize these things.

In our country the bulk of Middle class, higher middle class is increasing, which is good. Once a couple of times in a year with family, children go to different countries of the world as tourists, children get exposure. it's a good thing. But I urge all such families today, when the country is celebrating 75 years of independence for the country, so many great men have sacrificed for the country, then life has been spent, do you not want your children too our Understand the specifics of the country. Who wouldn't want our parents that our coming generations get emotionally connected to this soil, connected to its history, its winds, and its water to get new energy. We must do this diligently. No matter how far we have progressed, cutting from the roots can never save us, we cannot increase it. And so in the world Even if you go as a Tourist , can I ask you one thing, my dear countrymen today I will ask you to highlight the strength of India, for the employment of the youth of the country from the Red Fort. I am making a small demand - can you decide that we will visit at least 15 tourist destinations of India with my family before 75 years of 2022 independence . Will go there even if there are difficulties. There will not be good hotels even if they go. Sometimes difficulties are also useful for living life. It is our country that we make a habit of children. Once you start going, then people who develop arrangements there will also start coming. Why not develop 100 such great tourist destination in our country , why not prepare 2 or 5 or 7 top class tourist destination in every state. Prepare by targeting. Let us decide - our North-East has so much natural wealth but how many Universities will be there that make their tourist destination North-East? Does not have to contribute much . You have to take 7 days, 10 days, but remove it within the country itself.

You see, wherever you come, you will create a new world, planting seeds and you will also get satisfaction in life. If the people of India start going, then the people of the world will also start coming. We will go to the world and say that you have seen that? Any tourist will ask us that you are coming from Hindustan, have you seen that temple in Tamil Nadu ? And we will say that if I did not go, he would tell us that brother is awesome, I went to see the temples of Tamil Nadu in your country and you have come here to see. We should go to the world after knowing our country. We can do so much work.

I want to urge my farmer brothers today. I want to ask you something. For my farmer, for my countrymen, this earth is our mother. As soon as we speak Bharat Mata ki Jai, there is a flow of energy within us. Speaking of Vande Mataram gives inspiration to be consumed for this Mother Earth. A long-term history comes before us, but have we ever worried about the health of Mother Earth. The way we are using chemical is using chemical fertilizer, we are using pesticides . We are destroying our mother earth. As a child of this mother, as a farmer I do not have the right to destroy my mother earth. My land does not have the right to make mother unhappy, my land does not have the right to make mother sick.

Come, 75 years of independence is going to happen. Pujya Bapu has shown us the way. Will we reduce this chemical fertilizer in our farm by 10 percent, 20 percent, 25 percent , if possible , we will run Muktikar campaign. You see how great service will be to the country. What a great contribution you will be in saving our mother earth . To fulfill his dreams of saying Vande Mataram, who had climbed to the gallows, this earth will also get your blessings, your job of saving the mother, who once climbed the gallows and called Vande Mataram. So, I urge you and I believe that my countrymen will keep doing this. I am confident that my farmers will fulfill my demand.

My dear brothers and sisters, the professionals of our country resonate throughout the world today. There is a discussion of their potential. People consider them iron. Be it space, technology, we have achieved new heights. We are happy that our Chandrayaan is fast moving towards the end of the moon, where no one has gone so far. Our scientists have proven.

Similarly, we used to see very little in the playgrounds. Today, in the playgrounds of the world, 18-20 years old, 22 year old sons and daughters of my country are hoisting the tricolor flag of Hindustan. How proud it is. The players of the country are illuminating the name of the country.

My countrymen, we have to move our country forward. We have to bring change in our country. We have to cross new heights in the country and work together. The government and the public have to do it together. 130 crore countrymen have to do it. The Prime Minister of the country is also a child of this country like you, a citizen of this country. We all have to do it together.

Whether in the coming days one and a half lakh wellness centers will have to be built in the village , health centers will have to be established, one medical college among every three Lok Sabha has to fulfill the dream of our youth becoming doctors. More than 20 million poor people have to build houses. We have to deliver drinking water to 15 crore rural homes. The roads of the village are to be built 125 lakh kilometers. Every village has to be connected with broadband connectivity, optical fiber network. More than 50 thousand new start ups have to be laid. Brothers and sisters, we have to move forward to take the country forward by taking dreams and 75 years of independence is a big inspiration for it.

I know that there is a time limit on the ramparts of the Red Fort. 130 crore countrymen have their dreams as well, 130 crore countrymen also have their challenges. Every dream has its own importance. Someone is more important, someone is less important, it is not. But it is a rainy season, long spoken speech is not likely to be completed and hence every issue has its own importance, however many things I have been able to say today and what I have not been able to say are also important. Let us move forward on those things, the country has to move forward.

It has been 75 years of independence, 150 years of Gandhi and 70 years of the Constitution of India. Baba Saheb Ambedkar's dream and this year is important, it is also the 550th festival of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Come, let us go forward by taking the teachings of Baba Saheb Ambedkar, Guru Nanak Dev Ji, and we have to build a better society, build a better country, build India according to the expectations and expectations of the world.

My dear brothers and sisters, we know that our goals are as high as the Himalayas, our dreams are more than countless innumerable stars, but we also know that the sky is nothing beyond the flight of our spirits. This is our resolve Strength is as unfathomable as the Indian Ocean, our efforts are as holy as the river Ganges, and the biggest thing is that thousands of years behind our values Human culture, asceticism of sages, sacrifice of countrymen, hard work - this is our inspiration.

Let us with these thoughts, with these ideals, with these goals, with the goal of achieving achievement, let us go on to build a new India, fulfilling our responsibilities , creating new confidence, new determination, new India Is a herb. Come, let us together advance the country. With this same expectation, I once again speak with me while bowing to everyone living for the country, fighting for the country, dying for the country, doing something for the country -

'Jai Hind'.

'Jai Hind'.

Long live Mother India,

Long live Mother India,

I salute you, Mother.

I salute you, Mother.

Thanks a lot.

first published:August 16, 2019, 07:30 IST
last updated:August 16, 2019, 07:48 IST