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Indian woman in 'Guinness' for mosaic portrait

Indian woman in 'Guinness' for mosaic portrait

Kanika Dewan enters the Guinness record for creating the largest mosaic portrait.

New Delhi: An India-born woman entrepreneur has entered the Guinness record for executing a towering mosaic portrait, the largest in the world, using only handmade marble tiles.

The 8x5 metre portrait of Sultan Qaboos bin Said, the ruler of Oman presented to him in November 2010 on the 40th anniversary of his accession to power has been created out of stones sourced from the mountains and sea beds of Oman. We managed to get a photograph of the Sultan dressed in a simple dress taken by his personal photographer and used it as a template for the marble portrait, Kanika, founder of the UK-based company Ka Design Atelier that executed the project produced by Bahrain-based Bramco group told PTI.

Dewan who collaborated with Bahrain based Bramco group says she personally chose blocks in the mountains to be mined exclusively for the portrait. The mosaic had to match the colours in the photograph so I chose red rocks for the turban and gold beige for the dress. A desert rose was chosen for the dress, part of skin reflections and skin tones. For white colour we sourced pebbles from the sea, says Dewan.

The blocks were brought to Bahrain, sliced and polished. Stainless steel templates were used to cut the slab into individual square 1x1 size pieces. The end portrait consisted of 128,274 individual pieces using 90 different shades of

marble. The masterpiece sponsored by various organisations was completed in four months with the collaboration of 15 artists. The Sultan has not yet decided where he will hang the portrait but I think he will display it in a public area, says Dewan.

first published:January 30, 2011, 13:34 IST