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'It is a fairy tale come true' : Kriti Malhotra

'It is a fairy tale come true' : Kriti Malhotra

Yasmin Noor of 'Dhobi Ghat' is the talk of the town now for her impeccable performance.

A simple Pune girl who aspired to be a fashion designer suddenly landed a role in Kiran Rao's Dhobi Ghat. She gets talking about how her life changed completely thereafter.

What do you prefer acting or costume designing?

I don’t think that I can choose between the two. I have always been interested in fashion. And it has been a part of my life. When I look back at past 2 years of my stint with acting, it has been phenomenal. From dubbing to giving interviews and finally the release of the movie, it’s been a great journey. And now that I have been given the opportunity to act I want to continue.

How was it working with Aamir Khan?

It has been absolutely phenomenal. It is not even like a dream come true as I didn’t even dream about working with Aamir. Even before we started shooting, everyone kept saying that Yasmin’s character was the most difficult to play. And Aamir recently in an interview said that Yasmin is the most difficult character to play and Kriti has done a great job. And I was on Cloud nine. Also my mom is proud of me.

How was your experience working with Kiran Rao?

For Monica (Dogra) and me, Kiran was like an older sister who took us through the movie. She knew Yasmin the best as she had conceptualised the character. She was very clear what she wanted from the entire film and has a great vision. And that made things very easy for all of us on the sets. Many scenes are quite long and all of them are without any cuts. The dialogues, diction, pauses, everything had to be right at one go and that was a little difficult. But Kiran knew that I was facing the camera for the first time and she was patient and understanding.

There was one particular scene at Chowpatty for which I gave 30 takes. I had to write on the sand and the waves had to sweep it away. So I had to match my timings with the waves. In each take I had to sit and get up thrice and we landed up taking 30 such shots. This one was one of the most physically challenging shot for us.

How has your life changed?

I had decided to take everything as it comes. But I have to admit that going to a film festival, walking the red carpet, attending press conferences, everything has been the first for me has been a fairy tale experience. I hadn’t told many people that I am doing the film. And after the release of the promos I was flooded with phone calls. I am just enjoying the attention.

first published:January 24, 2011, 13:01 IST