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Jism 2: Mistreated lover can become an animal

Jism 2: Mistreated lover can become an animal

Actor Arunoday Singh says that 'Jism 2' showcases all types of emotions, not just Sunny Leone's skin show.

New Delhi: The Bhatt camp is known for its racy thrillers; ‘Jism 2’ is no exception. The film is about a porn star Izna (Sunny Leone) trapped in between a cop and a dreaded assassin. Arunoday Singh, who was noticed for his role in Sudhir Mishra’s ‘Yeh Saali Zindagi’, is playing the cop who falls in love with the porn star.

After doing a small role in ‘Sikandar’, Arunoday played the second lead in ‘Aisha’ but his character in ‘Aisha’ was nowhere close to his role in ‘Jism 2’, how did this transition happen?

“I think it happens with every film. I think people see you as something and then they only like to see you as that something. Like when I did ‘Aisha’ everybody wanted me to cast as a model boy. They wanted a guy the heroine is with at first but eventually leaves him for the hero. I got a lot of similar offers after ‘Aisha’, similarly after ‘Yeh Saali Zindagi’, everyone wanted me to cast as an old Delhi goon, the jatt,” says Arunoday Singh.

But you suited the character in ‘Yeh Saali Zindagi’?

“Yes, that’s my job but my job is also to look for new roles. I will do it once but I won’t keep doing the same thing. Kuldeep is nothing like Munna, Munna is nothing like Ayan, so variety works for me.”

Does your character go through a lot of transitions in ‘Jism 2’?

“He is a sophisticated, suave guy who becomes an animal. It’s the theme of the film that a man can become an animal if his love mistreats him.”

What made you interested in ‘Jism 2’?

“I saw a very powerful exploration of what happens in reality. In adult relationships, the minute sex gets involved, becomes so fraught with tension, insecurity, doubt and fear that it becomes very hard to keep things level. It’s very hard to not become jealous, and I have seen this happening with a lot of people in real lives, so it makes ‘Jism 2’ a very interesting film. With all your pre-conceived notions it’s fair enough on part of the people to go for the film for a different reason but the script that Mahesh Bhatt has written is equally very deep, so I liked the mixture, on one hand it’s ridiculously superficially commercial and on the other hand it’s a really nicely written script, that’s why I signed the film.”

Sarcasm seems to be your natural style.

“I think that seems to be my thing, even if I don’t try to make it obvious it just comes out in the characters I play. I guess your personality always bleeds into the character, (Smiles) it’s true; I am very sarcastic, I am sure it will come out in ‘Jism 2’ also,” explains Arunoday Singh who hails from a well-known political family.

You’re playing a political goon in ‘Ek Bura Aadmi’.

“Ek Bura Aadmi is about a young boy called Munna Siddiqui in UP. He is a little sentimental and feisty character; he has a connection with someone called Raghuvir Yadav, who is a local ward member. Raghuvir helps local people and is like second father to me. I become his muscle though he doesn’t like it but anytime he wants a work to be done, I become his helping hand, like if a doctor refuses to see a patient I come and threaten him to burn down the hospital. He yells at me and beats me but I don’t listen. I try my best to convince him to run for the post of MLA. Raghuvir doesn’t like to get involved in dirty politics but eventually the election comes. The story is about what happens to these man after that.”

Are we going to see a lot of Arunoday Singh this year?

“The only thing I know at this point of time is that I will be doing another film with Sudhir Mishra. I am not sure when is that film going to the floors. He is pretty much a closest thing to being my father in the industry. I love him very much and I adore his brand of cinema. He has been in the industry for so long but he has never compromised on the kind of cinema he wants to make. He doesn’t even need to give me a script.”