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Kannada actor Indhudhar on his journey and struggle

Kannada actor Indhudhar on his journey and struggle

The body of an artist is like a well in which experiences are stored. It is tapped when needed.

The body of an artist is like a well in which experiences are stored. It is tapped when needed. A senior actor in theater, television and 50 plus films Indhudhar is caught up with three fresh ideas to give refreshing films to the Kannada cinema audiences. Indhudhar holds the record of appearing in over 4000 plus television episodes in those days beginning from 1989.

A highly educated middle age multi faceted personality Indhudhar known for silent and sacrificing roles spoke to this correspondent on his new ventures.

Excerpts of an interview:

After a long silence you are bouncing back. Is it the right time for you?

In fact I wanted to come back in the last year. But I did not want to be in the flood. Now the time is ripe because I have carefully worked on my three scripts.

What are they?

A film starring Dr SP Balasubramaniam in which a young pair tentatively titled as 'Banna Banna' has been accepted by noted producer Shailendra Babu, producer Thulasi Gopal of just completed 'Nannavani' for superstar Shivarajakumar has given approval for another subject and Arjun Sarja Productions that is releasing 'Vaayuputra' this week is ready to take up my third subject.

Which is the first one to begin?

After my return from USA I will be taking up Shailendra Productions film. It is almost ready and ground work is over.

You are a multifaceted personality all rolled in to one?

I began as a television actor for Geetha Chitra in 1989. I have acted with Monisha Unni. I was in to theater activities, television and 50 films in Kannada I got good recognition.

Prior to acting you had any training?

My father Dr Chandrasekharaiah has given me good education. I have done Civil Engineering and completed M. Tech. I have worked as a lecturer in Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Bangalore for two years. I was teaching Civil Engineering subjects to the undergraduates. Written and published two text books by name �Architecture and Town Planning� and 'Theory of Structures'.

When did you begin your activities in theatre?

I was composing and directing music got name as singer of folksongs and playback singing. I evinced interest in writing scripts, online, linear editing and techniques of production in documentaries, ad films, short films etc.

When did you start as an actor in Films?

I was one of the four in blockbuster Kannada film 'Shruti' made in 1991. After this success I resigned the job of the Lecturer and took up film career on full time basis. Offers started coming one after the other in 'Anukoolakkobba Ganda', 'Rajaadhi Raja', 'Annaiah', 'Nanna Shatru', 'Nishkarsha', 'Rambhe Vayyarada Gombe', 'Sakhi' 'Gokharna', 'Gandugali kumara rama', 'Bhaa Bhaaro Rasika' 'Yashawanth' 'Giri',, 'Olave Vismaya' and many others.

You have also acted in Malayalam films?

I was in two Malayalam films 'Achchanda Bharya' and 'Preetham'.

When did you get in to television serials?

My first stint was in 'Geetha Chitra' in 1989 the beginning years of Bangalore Doordarshan. I have acted in television serials like 'Karthavya', 'Kalagarbhadalli', 'Kali Karna', 'Sanghatane', 'Premada Karanji', 'Vaidyo Narayano Hari', 'Nagaleesu' , 'Neethi Chakra', 'Hejjegalu', 'Vadhu Dakshine', 'Maha Yagna','4th Dimension','Thanu Ninnadu Mana Ninnadu', 'Gelathi', 'Thappu Oppu', 'Doora Theera Yaana', 'Mahaa Maayee' 'Kumkuma Bhaagya','Yashaswini' 'Hrudaya Saakshi', 'Veeraanjaneya' and others.

For film and television the stage was the experience for you?

Stage performance is like touching a live wire. We get the instant response from the audience watching the plays. I was in the drama troupes like 'Nataranga' and 'Vedike'; 'Kakana Kote', 'Thabarana Kathe', 'Meese Bandoru', 'Karna', 'Bhairavi', 'Rasa Rishi', 'Siri Sampige' and others gave me a strong base and confidence to perform.

You have also directed plays?

I have produced and directed the play called 'Siri Sampige' written by the famous writer Dr.Chandrashekhara Kambhara. The famous matinee idol Mr.Vishnuvardhana had a very kind word about the play in saying that he would have missed something in life if he had not seen it. Written, directed and produced the play by name 'Aha Rajya Oho Samsara'. This was hilarious rib tickling satirical comedy was an instant hit. Written directed and produced another play 'MAD-UVE' a slapstick comedy. I gained confidence to venture into directing TV Serials. The maiden venture was with 'Inchara' which again re affirmed the original confidence. Subsequently directed 'Naavinthoru Namaginthoru', 'Katha Dhara', 'Tharanga', 'Kavya Sudha', 'Swarga yendhare ide Ide', 'Paasha', 'Atheetha', 'Vannangal' (Tamil), 'Hum aur Hamare Log'(Hindi), 'Hogli Bidi Saar', 'Prema raaga' and many others. I have also directed several documentary films, Ad films, promotional films and corporate films.

Now that you are getting in to the shoes of big screen direction have you worked with any directors in the past?

I have worked with able film directors like Sri.D.Rajendra Babu, Dwarkish, C.R.Simha, Shankaran Nayar, Bhargava, K.S.R.Das, Naganna, S. Mahendar, T S Nagabharana and others.
first published:June 01, 2012, 10:58 IST