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Karnataka Village Baffled as 'Dead Man' Walks Back to Life 50 Years After Being Buried

Karnataka Village Baffled as 'Dead Man' Walks Back to Life 50 Years After Being Buried

Residents of his village say Eerajja had died at the age of 30 after suffering from an illness.

Bengaluru: Ever heard of a dead man walking back to life several years after his death? One such incident in Karnataka’s Chitradurga district has taken everyone by surprise. Sanna Eerajja, now 80 years old, had reportedly died of an illness 50 years ago. But his return to his village 15 days back has left everyone baffled.

Eerajja hails from Chitranayakanahalli village of Challakere, 200 km from Bengaluru. Since his return, people from the village have been flocking to his home to see the reincarnated man.

Villagers say Eerajja had died after suffering from an illness when he was 30 years old.

Srinivas Reddy, one of the villagers, says he remembers going for Eerajja's 'tithi' ceremony after his death, but went to the latter's house to believe his eyes.

Speaking to News 18 Kannada, Eerajja said he had lost all the memory of the past. However, when he saw people from his village, he felt a "familiar connection".

Eerajja lived in a small village in Andhra Pradesh. Recently, a few villagers from Chitranayakanahalli visited that village to buy sheep manure and saw him there. The octogenarian recollected the name of the village and the people who lived there. This surprised the villagers. When he mentioned his wife's name, one of them made a call to Eerajja’s brother, Beviganna.

Eerajja’s wife Eeramma, who is glad to see her husband after so many years, recollects how a fakir had once told her that he would return. "I visited his grave three days after he was buried, but it was dug out. We assumed it was a fox. But there was no evidence to know that he is alive," she said.

But the police are skeptical of these claims, saying the story is difficult to believe.

"No one of his age is there to dispute the claim. We feel he probably just left home and joined these nomadic groups as a 'jogi'. His children have accepted him but they were too small when he left. He went to Andhra and married twice after that. He has nearly 12 children from the other marriages in these years," said a top police officer on condition of anonymity.

Since there is no "missing" complaint or any unnatural death record, there is no mention of this in police files.

(With inputs from Vinayaka Thodranal)
first published:October 31, 2019, 19:42 IST