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Karzzzz's curse? Now Himesh catches sunstroke

<i>Karzzzz</i>'s curse? Now Himesh catches sunstroke

Karzzzz had to shift its primary location from Kenya to South Africa, earlier.

New Delhi: The making of Satish Kaushik's Karzzzz appears to be beset by obstacles.

Earlier, the film crew had to flee one of its primary locations - Kenya - when unrest and riots broke out in the wake of the country's controversial presidential elections in December. The film's location was then shifted to Cape Town in South Africa

But now, it seems the heat is still dogging the film for its leading man, Himesh Reshammiya, collapsed after a major bout of sunstroke.

Himesh was shooting for a song in the desert, an hour's drive from Cape Town.

A source told Mumbai Mirror, " Himeshbhai was shooting for a song... It was extremely hot and humid and all the unit members gradually started feeling uncomfortable. After a while, Himesh collapsed due to sunstroke."

The singer-actor was brought back to his hotel and recovered after a course of homoeopathic medication.

"It was extremely hot when we were shooting near Cape Town," Himesh told the paper. "Thankfully, I didn't faint. I am perfectly fine now, only because of the medicines my mom recommended. Although I have started shooting again, I am taking extra care as I don't want to fall ill again."

Karzzzz is a remake of Subhash Ghai's 1980-reincarnation-themed blockbuster Karz. The original had Rishi Kapoor and Tina Munim as the film's leads. Munim's role is being assayed by filmmaker Inder Kumar's daughter, Shweta.

Director Satish Kaushik has vehemently maintained that Karzzzz is not competing with its predecessor.

"Let me make it clear that Reshammiya and I aren't trying to compete with Rishi Kapoor and Subhash Ghai. This is our homage to the earlier Karz," he had said.
first published:March 08, 2008, 17:48 IST