Kasab will decide if he wants to appeal: lawyer

Kasab will decide if he wants to appeal: lawyer

26/11 terrorist's counsel says he did his best to save his client.



Mumbai: The lawyer of Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Amir Kasab on Thursday said he has the right to appeal against the death sentence served on his client for the Mumbai terror attacks but that would happen after he speaks to him.

K S Pawar, the lawyer who appeared for Kasab, said any accused has the right to appeal against the verdict if he is not in agreement with it.

"I will not criticise the verdict. If an accused is not satisfied with the verdict given by a court, he can appeal in the higher courts," Pawar told reporters after Kasab was sentenced to death for Mumbai terror attacks.

When asked whether Kasab will file an appeal, he said he had not spoken to him regarding this. "I will be given an opportunity to meet him. Then I will ask him and then it (whether to file an appeal) will be decided," he said.

Pawar said he was satisfied with the way he argued for Kasab. "I believe that I have put forward points to save Kasab in the best possible manner. Whether it is accepted or not is a different matter," he said.

Asked whether he accepted that he was defeated, he said for a lawyer, arguing in a case is not like a "street

wrestling" competition.

He said after the pronouncement of judgement, the court allowed him to speak to Kasab to ask him about the judgement. "I asked him and he said, I have nothing to say," Pawar said.

The special anti-terror court of M L Tahaliyani pronounced capital punishment for the 22-year-old terrorist on five counts of murder, conspiracy to murder, waging war against the country, abetting murder and committing terrorist activities under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act.

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