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Kerala MLA George Launches Ugly Attack on Raped Nun in Full Media Glare

Kerala MLA George Launches Ugly Attack on Raped Nun in Full Media Glare

Independent Poonjar MLA PC George called the nun a “prostitute” and compared her “character” with that of the accused Bishop.

Thiruvananthapuram: As pressure mounts on Kerala police to arrest Jalandhar Bishop Franco Mulackal on charges of raping a nun, Poonjar MLA PC George triggered a controversy with shocking comments on the victim’s “character”.

At a press conference convened in Kottayam, the Independent MLA called the nun a “prostitute” in full media glare and questioned her allegations. “What do you call a nun who has sexual relations with someone over a two-year period?”

Playing judge, he went on to compare the “characters” of the victim and the accused. “I am not saying that the Bishop hasn’t done any wrong, but when you weigh his character against that of this nun, it is evident she is not above reproach. She says she was abused 13 times. How is it possible that she didn’t have any complaint 12 times and it only became rape the 13th time? A nun is supposed to be a virgin. Like the mother of Jesus. If a nun loses her virginity, she cannot be treated as a nun.”

George claimed he was not defending the Bishop, but speaking out against the misuse of the sexual abuse laws by women to “frame people of repute”. “I initially thought the Bishop was detestable. But after examining the case, I realise this nun is a troublemaker,” he said.

George’s vitriol came on a day nuns and priests came out on the streets, demanding justice for the victim. The MLA also spoke against three other nuns who have levelled similar allegations against the Bishop. “First cross-examine them and see if they are really holy,” George said.

Hitting out at George over his comments, former state Congress chief VM Sudheeran said on Facebook, “I condemn PC George’s bid to paint the nun who was abused and those who have come out in support of her in a bad light.”

George’s callous comments on gender sensitive issues have come under fire on previous occasions too. He faced backlash in August 2017 when he revealed the identity of a Malayalam actress who was kidnapped and sexually abused the year before. He defended main accused and actor Dileep, and questioned why the actress went back to work, inviting the ire of the State Women’s Commission. The commission’s chief MC Josephine said she had received death threats allegedly from the MLA’s supporters.

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