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Legitimate Rape: Spoof ad attacks Akin's remark

Legitimate Rape: Spoof ad attacks Akin's remark

Fake pharmaceutical ad on YouTube attacks Todd Akin's remark with sarcasm.

New Delhi: Todd Akin, a congressman since six years and the 2012 Republican Primary who will be contesting for the US senate, made an obnoxious remark to support his anti-abortion stance in a TV talk show. He said, "From what I understand from doctors, that's really rare, if it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to shut that whole thing down." First of all, how can a rape be legitimate? Secondly, his statement meant that if a woman is being raped, she probably won't get pregnant because her body will have a sort of biological reaction to avert conception.

What's more bizarre is that Akin is being accused of deriving this ideology from a book titled The Handmaid's Tale written in 1985 with the following excerpt...

At the Center everyone had to "Testify" about their past lives. Janine testified that she was gang-raped at fourteen. After she finished speaking, the Aunts asked the group whose fault the rape was, and the rest of the Handmaids chanted in unison that it was Janine's fault because she led them on. When she cried, they called her a crybaby.

While Akin's opponents seethe in joy after his self-destroying remarks, media across the world is unsparingly storming with innovative ways to backlash. Here's one such advertisement of a fake pharmaceutical company on YouTube, that's a sarcastic slap to Akin's remark, implying that if legitimate rape does not result in pregnancy, it could be used as a birth control method for women who can't afford other, more expensive contraceptives. Hope the message is loud and clear.