Leopard Enters House Near Bengaluru, Subdued After 9-Hour Drama

Image for representation only. (Photo: AP)

Image for representation only. (Photo: AP)

The leopard was caught and tranquilized after a nine-hour drama.

Deepa Balakrishnan
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Bengaluru: A house in Tumkur, an hour's drive away from Bengaluru, became the scene of a tense face-off between a leopard and district forest officials on Saturday. The big cat was finally trapped and tranquilized after a nine-hour drama.

It had all started around 9am when two women realized that the leopard had entered their home. They quickly locked themselves in the bathroom. Just then, the husband of one of the women was coming home. On realizing the situation, he quickly bolted the door from outside, trapping the big cat in the house.

Forest department officials were then called in and attempts were made to capture the leopard. Although it was trapped inside, the team of forest officials could not find a way to tranquilise it easily, and all the while they also had to be mindful of the women trapped inside.

Their job was also made tougher as large number of people kept gathering near the house on hearing the news and crowd control became difficult. They managed to rescue the women from the bathroom after seven hours through a ventilator grill they had broken.

Once the women were rescued, the authorities resumed their efforts to catch the leopard. They tied a bait near the home to bring it out and tranquilised it with a shot. The leopard was then taken out in a net. A senior official from Bengaluru had also gone to help catch the big cat.


Two women were rescued by the officials.

Last year, a leopard had entered a school in Whitefield in the outskirts of Bengaluru, causing panic. Five people were injured as the big cat went on an attacking spree just before it could be subdued, but no children were in the premises as it was a weekend.

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