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Lohri: Delhi Traffic Police Issue Advisory Ahead of Lohri Celebrations Today

PTI Photo

PTI Photo

Bellow the advisory about traffic, they added COVID precautions as well as the pandemic is still far from over.

The Delhi Traffic Police released an advisory on their Twitter handle about a possible slow traffic day and jams on the Kalindi Kunj road on Wednesday. The notice has been issued as they are carrying out trials for the FASTag toll booths today.

“Traffic Alert: FASTag trial will be conducted on the Kalindi Kunj Border today. Traffic will be heavy because of this. If you are entering Delhi, kindly refrain from using this route and use the DND flyway instead,” said the tweet.

Bellow the advisory about traffic, they added COVID precautions, as well as the pandemic, is still far from over. The usual protocols like wearing a mask, maintaining social distancing, and keeping a proper hand hygiene routine were recommended in the tweet.

While the trials are going on, it is also important to note that today is the harvest festival of Lohri. People often gather in groups to celebrate the festival, visiting their family and relatives to be together on the occasion. The traffic can be expected to move slow on account of it.

Additionally, the ongoing farmer protests have also been a factor in slow moving traffic along the borders in Delhi. While the majority of the protest is happening along the Singhu border, the Kalindi Kunj route was also affected for some time in December on account of farmer migration towards Delhi.

It is reported that the farmers along the borders will be celebrating Lohri at various protest sites. So, people who are planning to visit family outside Delhi borders, or those coming into Delhi, might want to check for alternative routes before they do so.

What is FASTag?

Toll booths across highways and roads are often clogged up with long lines of traffic as people line up to pay for their way ahead. In order to resolve the issue and modernise the roadways, the government of India came up with FASTag which is an automated and electronic toll collection method. In this system, there is an RFID (radio frequency identification) attached to the windshield of the vehicle which gets picked up by the sensors at the toll. The ID is linked with the user’s bank account/wallet and there is an automatic toll fee deduction.

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