'Lost' star Fox accused of assaulting bus driver

'Lost' star Fox accused of assaulting bus driver

Matthew Fox was detained by police for allegedly assaulting a female bus driver.



Cleveland: Matthew Fox, the star of the TV shows 'Lost' and 'Party of Five,' was detained over the weekend by police investigating reports he had assaulted the female driver of a party bus.

Fox, who is in Cleveland filming an adaptation of the James Patterson novel "I, Alex Cross," allegedly attempted to board the bus early Sunday morning along with the members of the bachelor party that had rented the vehicle.

Heather Bormann, 29, who was driving the bus, says she "confronted" Fox as he attempted to get on with the other passengers. Bormann told Reuters she did not recognize Fox, 45, as a member of the group or as a famous actor and warned him three times to get away from the door. "I told him he was trespassing," she said. "He never once said anything. He just looked at me with his mouth open -- then he leaned in and started swinging on me." Bormann told police Fox hit her in the chest and stomach before she hit him back to defend herself.

She said it took three men to pull Fox away from her and that an off-duty police officer detained him until the police came. Fox was put in a patrol car by police but was eventually released to "a friend" and took a taxi to his hotel, according to the police report. Bormann said one of the officers asked her if she knew "who he is?" She said she responded, "Yeah, the guy who assaulted me." Bormann, a single mother of three, said nothing like this has happened to her before, and that she has a strained wrist and plans to file assault charges on Tuesday.

"I don't care that he is a celebrity," Bormann said. "Assault is against the law." Efforts to contact Fox at the hotel where he was believed to be staying were unsuccessful.

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