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Love, Bribe And Threats: What UP’s Desperate Students Did to Pass The Board Exams


Last Updated: September 18, 2019, 17:32 IST

Photo credits: (Left to right)
Varun Dubey
‏@varundubey10 |ANI

Photo credits: (Left to right) Varun Dubey ‏@varundubey10 |ANI

So you think you can pass?

No student wants to fail the board examinations at any cost.

Remember the iconic image of Spiderman-like relatives scaling walls of a school in Bihar to assist students writing exams with chits?

The leak of Class 10 Mathematics and Class 12 Economics exam papers have left the CBSE and HRD ministry red-faced. Meanwhile, the students are struggling with a hectic calendar before their competitive tests.

However, in Uttar Pradesh, a bunch of students came up with innovative ways to pass the crucial exams. The lack of preparedness has led the students of Uttar Pradesh board resort to desperate measures to pass the board examinations.

More than 1.8 lakh students did not appear for Uttar Pradesh board examinations on the first day following the strict measures initiated by the Yogi Adityanath-led government to check copying in the exams.

Others, who appeared and didn't know what to pen down, came up with answers that left the teachers quite baffled.


Currency notes of Rs 500, Rs 100, and Rs 50 were found in answer sheets during the checking of 12th board examination papers in Firozabad district, reported Outlook India.

The students gave "bribe" in order to get passing marks from the examiners. To their dismay, the teachers accepted none of it.

"Students, whose exams did not go well, are attaching currency notes in the examination papers to bribe us. We are giving marks only on merit. None of us are accepting the money found in the answer sheets," Outlook India quoted an examiner.

“Yes, we are getting currency notes stapled with answer sheets and some weird messages,” Muzaffarnagar district inspector of schools Munesh Kumar was quoted as saying by TOI.

“Guruji ko copy kholne se pehle namaskar. Guruji, pas kar dein. Chitthi tu ja sir ke pass, sir ki marzi fail karein ya pass (Sir, accept my greetings before you begin to check this answer sheet. Please pass me.)" wrote one nominee.


According to a report published in TOI, A student has blamed romance with Pooja for his lack of preparations for the exams.

“I love my Pooja,” wrote a UP board student while answering Chemistry exam.

(Screenshot taken from Varun Dubey /@varundubey10 |Twitter)

“Yeh mohabbat bhi kya cheez hai, na jeene deti hai aur na marne… Sir, iss love story ne padhai se door kar diya warna… (This love is a strange thing. It doesn’t let you live nor does it allow you to die; Sir, this love story didn’t let me study for the exam, or else…),” he wrote.

Family issues

One student made an emotional appeal citing family problems and a threat from his dad that he would murder him if he happened to fail the exam.

“I have got no mother and my father will kill me you fail me.”

However, this isn't the first time a student taking UP board exams has made an appeal to the teachers and examiners to pass them.


"I couldn't draw diagrams in all questions where they were required. I am so poor that my father could not buy a pencil for me. Please pass me," was written in one of the home science answer copies of the UP Board examinations in 2015.

Medical emergency

The same year, there was a case where a student had pleaded for marks citing medical reasons.

"I was one of the toppers in class X but I am unable to write the exam due to swelling in my hand. Show mercy and award me 30 out of 33 marks in the exam so that I can maintain my 'topper' status," read a note in a physics answer copy.

While another student pleaded to pass her in the exams or else her in-laws would call off the wedding.

"My marriage is fixed and the ceremony will be held in June. Since the results will be out before my wedding, I request you to pass me. If I fail, my in-laws will call off the wedding."

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