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Malayalam Review: 'Husbands In Goa' aims at fun

Malayalam Review: 'Husbands In Goa' aims at fun

Saji Surendran's 'Husbands in Goa' may not sink in the Box Office, only due to the power of its cast.

No brainy entertainer here in Saji Surendran's 'Husbands in Goa'. Just think of the title, watch the posters and get ready with a story before you land up in the cinema halls. For your kind surprise or lack of it, you will find the makers sincerely following your plot without the slightest of the deviations. And if you can call this your cup of tea, then these husbands are sure to entertain you. And if you are to die away seeing its predictability, then go and try something more serious.

A typical David Dhawan type family humour, here are those flirty husbands who trying to be funny at every other moment. The movie has Jerry (Indrajith), an advocate, always forced by his wife Teena to give importance to household chores and cooking than his profession. While his school mate Govind (Jayasurya) a chartered accountant, married to Abhirami (Bhama), is to be in every temple for rituals offered by his wife, Arjun (Asif Ali) basically an interior designer is enforced to prepare for Civil Services by his wife Veena (Remya Nambeeshan). Disturbed by these daily routines, the threesome decides to play fowl and take some days away from home and their wives for a celebration at Goa. They plot plans, succeed on convincing their wives who are also friends and embark on a train to Goa. But on the way in the same coupe awaits a weird cinematographer and drunkard named Sunny Abraham (Lal). Within minutes after their acquaintance, the foursome are into deeds that they never had been to earlier. Joining them on train is the T T, Nadar played by innocent, who had been with Tony and Co in 'No 20 Madras mail' , 20 years ago.

The movie with a funny screenplay, in its attempts to crack a job at every other minute fails to include life, logic and reality. Too much in the proceedings appear overly dramatic and numerous junctures makes you squirm in your seat. Saji and Krishna Poojappura seems to be repeating the same mistakes that they had done for their last big dud 'Kunjaliyan'. A few comic scenes do raise a chuckle, but the outcome is completely silly. The only thing that may work for the movie is the packaging by Saji Surendran, the colour and the young cast. And the other highlight being the constant reference to the old hit of Mamootty and Mohanlal and the song 'Pichakappoonkavukalkkumappuram'.

The film demands over the top acting from each and every member of the cast. Among them, Indrajith as usual excels in his lighter roles while Jayasuriya just manages to be in the role. Asif Ali looks lost and fails to be in the demands of the role. The ladies Bhama, Ramya and Rima has nothing to do than to appear pretty and to plot foolish links. Suraj, Lal and the rest of the cast are in their regular roles and sometimes annoying in their attempts on good humour.

The songs except that old classic are pure pain and over the top. Anil Nair tries to capture the glory of Goa, but in an inane script, there is not much to cherish for anyone.

It's high time for Saji, the talented young director to find a different route. 'Husbands in Goa' may not sink in the Box Office, only due to the power of its cast. And for the rest of the crew, there are no accolades to share.