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Malayalam Review: 'Run Baby Run' is a gripping thriller

Malayalam Review: 'Run Baby Run' is a gripping thriller

'Run Baby Run', with the media industry as its backdrop, tells the unending race between the Television channels.

There is always a consistency in Joshiey and he has expertise in creating a big hit, whenever he is with fine scripts. Having been able to safeguard his popularity as a hit maker, Joshiey has come up on this Onam with the film 'Run Baby Run' starring Mohanlal. Yet another example of well crafted gripping thriller, that is sure to go well with festival audiences.

'Run Baby Run' is certain to end up as a hit, if marketed well. The movie has the precise doses of actions, thrills, lighter moments and finer sequences which are also laced with a fine performance of the cast.

The movie, with the media industry as its backdrop, tells the unending race between the television channels, for gaining better rating points and creating their exclusive scoop. And so, it seldom moves out of the media men in action and their political opponents. Mohanlal appears as a high profile cameraman, Venu, who is regular on the panels of international giants like Reuters. He is currently back to his homeland, after some skirmishes with his dear ones, which made him leave the state almost a five years ago. Then it was his fiancee Renuka (Amala Paul), a budding journalist, who embittered Venu for a costly sting story. That story also languishes the political aspirations of Bharathan Pillai (Sai Kumar) and industrialist Rajan Kartha (Siddique).

And when Venu come back to Kochi, they are also back with a vengeance. At Kochi, Venu teams up again with Renuka, whom he hates the most. And as they are into another sting activity to expose a real time assassination of a politician, they unknowingly lands up into a heap of troubles, which rip-off their credibility as journalist and how they manage to clear the confusion, forms the rest of a story.

The highlight of the movie is the even pace with which the thriller has been executed by Joshiey with the aid of his editor Shyam Sasidaran. The first independent script by Sachi, is good and never leaves a space for the viewers to think about the pitfalls and illogical developments, which helps the movie to trek to the climax with not much difficulty. Though the love angle and the song appear as a sore thumb due to the little chemistry between its lead stars, who have the age differences of more than a generation. The simple and direct narratives laced with action, suspense, and twists makes it a fiery roller coaster ride.

In the acting side Mohanlal excels once again, playing with ease the role of a TV cameraman. The role doesn't offer anything new to experiment, for one the most versatile actors, while Amala Paul just manages to play to the demands of the role of a junior, who can go to any length for her credit lines. The rest of the cast is ok, while Biju Menon gets the maximum claps for another soft role. Joshiey is also supported by excellent camerawork, R D Rajasekhar, who has done fine work for his art department. The only noticeable song in the movie, Attumanal, sung by Mohanlal is also well pictured.

On the flip side, the regular cliched villainy from Sai Kumar and Siddique, offer little to increase the unpredictability. Also the illogical points in the narratives are plenty and usual with this sort of adrenaline pumping thriller. Regular news casters masquerading as others to deceit the officials and police, adds to the foolishness of the investigators, who doesn't look for the call list of the persons they are after, appears pretty stupid. The pace slackens a little in the second half, but Joshiey manges pull off the plot to the climax without much complexity.

But for the lovers of relatively well made thrillers, 'Run baby Run' is definitely your movie and you may love to see it, more than once. Forget the little glitches and watch the wonderful performance of Mohanlal.

first published:August 31, 2012, 12:18 IST