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Man convicted of murder, eating brains of victims


Last Updated: November 30, 2012, 16:05 IST

Man convicted of murder, eating brains of  victims

The prosecution had also told the court that Kalandar used to eat certain body parts of his victims.

Allahabad: A court in Allahabad is going to pronounce its order on a man convicted of killing his victims and indulging in cannibalism. The convict Raja Kalander alias Ram Niranjan (50) has been found guilty of killing a journalist Dhirendra Singh and several others. The case against Raja Kalander went on for more than 12 years. Dhirendra Singh was killed and his body was cut into several pieces and thrown into a river and a jungle.

The court while convicting Kalandar had declared the murder of Dhirendra Singh as the rarest of rare case. The investigations against Kalandar started in 2000 when Dhirenda Singh was killed and his family filed a case. During the course of investigating the murder of the journalist, the police searched the house of district panchayat member Phoolan Devi where several articles belonging to Singh were recovered. Kalandar, who is Phoolan's husband, admitted to the murder and during the investigation several human skulls were also found. The police also recovered Singh's vehicle.

Kalandar had identified Singh's body. He also revealed that he had buried 14 human skulls in his house. In fact, Kalandar disclosed that he had called Singh at a farmhouse in Pipri where he was shot dead by Kalandar's brother-in-law Vakchharaj. After killing Singh, Kalandar and Vakchharaj loaded his body into a Tata Sumo went to Madhya Pradesh. They dismembered his body and dug it into the fields. Singh's head was thrown into the Bansagar pond in Rewa.

The prosecution described him as a serial killer in the court as he was involved in the murder of 14 people. He reportedly killed his victims and then used to keep their skulls. His motive for carrying out the killings was to take revenge from his enemies and to increase his mental power.

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    He had also told the police that he killed Singh because he was apprehensive that the latter would publish his story. His brother-in-law had actively helped him in his activities, according to the police. The prosecution had also told the court that Kalandar used to eat certain body parts of his victims. He used to bail the brains of his victims and then drank it. He also used to throw body parts before pigs at the farmhouse and hung the skulls on a tree.

    He used to segregate his victims's skulls on the basis of their castes and used to pronounce judgement on them. The police had also recovered a diary belonging to Kalandar, which he used to call the court diary. The diary had details about his victims and also about those he wanted to kill. According to police records Kalandar was a history-sheeter and before tuning into a killer he used rob people. He committed his first murder in 1998 which continued till 2000 when he killed Singh.

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