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'Maryan' Music Review: AR Rahman creates magic again

'Maryan' Music Review: AR Rahman creates magic again

'Maryan' will feature Dhanush and Parvati Menon in lead roles. The film is directed by Bharat Bala.

Ace film director Bharatbala's 'Maryan' is a much awaited release. There are huge expectations attached to the film. Recently, the music of the film was launched and has been liked by the audiences. The single track 'Nenje Ezhu' composed and sung by AR Rahman has become a popular chartbuster in the South.

Music Director: AR Rahman

Singers: AR Rahman, Vijay Prakash, Swetha Menon, Chinmayee, Javed Ali, Haricharan, Shakti Sree Gopalan, Blaaze, Yuvan Shankar Raja, Nakash Aziz, Youth Choir.

Rating: 4/5

I Love My Africa

The first track in the album is one of the easiest way to land in Africa without actually having to travel the distance. The beats bring up the flavor of the African continent. Opening on a majestic note, the song is full of patriotism, celebrating the spirit of the African continent.

AR Rahman has sung the song 'I love my Africa, Welcome to Africa' in his magical voice, it is almost similar to the energy and vigour that we all felt in his 'Vande Maataram'. But only those two lines, barring a few more, are in English, while all the other lines are not quite understandable, being in Afrikaans, but each and every note is thoroughly enjoyable.

Innum Konjam Neram

This song is soul steering, it is a sweet duet in a conversational style with meaningful lyrics. The usage of strings in the signature music and trailing humming are purely magical.

Kadal Raasa Naan

This is for the first time music composer Yuvan Shankar Raja has sung for AR Rahman. He has given voice to 'Maryan' (Dhanush) in the film. The song 'Kadal Raasa Naan' that is descriptive in its character. The hero is stuck in a foreign land and sings this song to express his pain, struggle and anger in this song.

Naetru Aval Irundhal

After watching the trailer one can easily relate to the voice as Vijay has sung this song with immense dedication. He has delivered the very essence of the character who is seperated from his love and finds himself lonely. Penned down beautifully to suit the mood, the song has been excellently rendered in brilliant voices underlying emotions of longing to meet and the pain of separation. The use of strings and flute is very intelligent and adds to the emotion, striking the right notes.

Nenje Ezhu

The song is a popular number already among the audience. Beginning on a hopeful note and ending with a victorious emotion, the song is magical, and truly inspiring.The slow and steady rise in the strings from the background adds more colour to the race towards an alluring destination. The song stays on even long after one has heard it.


The song 'Sonapareeya' sung by Javed Ali is a light song with a lot of beats and foot tapping elements in it. The chorus adds to the emotions of the song. The beats of this song are also used in the trailer of the film. Usage of violins garners a lot of attraction in this song.

Enga Ponga Raasa

Though a short song with not many instruments, but gentle breezy guitar and keys sparingly, the song is packed with emotions, and is a beautiful package, that will remain close to every heart. We get to hear a different Shakthisree Gopalan in this song, from her previous hit 'Nenjukulla'. Starting on a note of search and ending in longing, we have yet another song from the same album, that can be related to one's own life.

Start to finish, the album is purely magical and would make for one of the most cherished repertoires. Coming from none less than the genius, the album sparks further curiosity and interest in the movie. In all, anyone would fall in love with 'Mariyaan'.