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Masand: 'Khichdi...' is unpretentiously idiotic

Masand: 'Khichdi...' is unpretentiously idiotic

The jokes in this film are uniformly infantile - the sort that parents proudly encourage their 5-yr-olds to crack at family gatherings.

Cast: Supriya Pathak, Anang Desai, Rajeev Mehta
Director: Aatish Kapadia

If you're not a fan of the long-running sitcom and unfamiliar with its cheerfully dim-witted characters, there's a slim chance you're going to appreciate the juvenile humor in "Khichdi: The Movie". The film doesn't stray too far from the television show's signature brand of spectacularly silly situations, but only a handful of key members from the sitcom's extensive roster of characters makes it to this big-screen outing.

The Parekh family finds themselves in a dilemma when Hansa's brother Himanshu is having second thoughts about his impending marriage, because it involves none of the drama that makes for the timeless love story he's always wanted. Trust the ever-enterprising Parekhs to take it upon themselves to create the drama that's missing. Hansa, her husband Praful, her sister-in-law Jayshree, and her father-in-law Tulsidas hatch a plan to defame Himanshu, so his fiancee's family will call off the match, giving him an opportunity to set things right and turn out the hero.

The jokes in this film are uniformly infantile - the sort that parents proudly encourage their five-year-olds to crack at family gatherings. There is nothing even remotely intelligent in this film, but to be fair, that's exactly where some of its charm lies. "Khichdi: The Movie" is unpretentiously idiotic, and although I was appalled by the ridiculously low standard of humor when the film started, I have to confess I found myself laughing on a few occasions as the movie progressed.

Ultimately then, it's hard not to respond to the film's comedy because of its characters: they're written endearingly and performed enthusiastically. Supriya Pathak, in particular, shines as the staggeringly stupid Hansa who can exasperate a judge into letting off a murder suspect.

"Khichdi" may not appeal to all, but it's honest to its audience, and never attempts to deliver anything else but silly laughs. I'm going with two out of five for writer-director Aatish Kapadia's "Khichdi: The Movie". It's strictly for fans. The rest will be astonished that movies like this can get made!

Rating: 2 / 5

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Vikas Rawat, Bangalore