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Masand: 'Milenge Milenge' is regressive

Masand: 'Milenge Milenge' is regressive

Shahid and Kareena are perky enough, but the film doesn't call upon them to deliver performances of any kind.

Cast: Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor

Director: Satish Kaushik

To be fair, 'Milenge Milenge' delivers exactly what you expect from it. Five years in the making and ultimately assembled out of incomplete footage, this Satish Kaushik-directed romantic drama is regressive, senseless, and packed with plot-holes the size of craters.

Priya (played by Kareena Kapoor) thinks she's met the man of her dreams when she runs into the too-good-to-be-true Immy (played by Shahid Kapoor) at a college youth festival in Bangkok. Turns out the fellow's been fooling her all along. When she breaks up with him, he realizes he's fallen for her, and begs her for another chance.

In a premise plagiarized shamelessly from the John Cusack-Kate Beckinsale starrer Serendipity, Priya leaves it to destiny to decide if they're meant to be together. She asks Immy to scribble his number on a currency note, which she uses to buy a numerology book from a nearby newsstand. On the inside cover of the book she jots down her own number and tells him she'll send it to a second-hand bookstore the following day. If the 50 rupee note with his number reaches her, or the book with her number finds its way to him, that'll be a sign from fate that they're meant to be together. If not, they'll have no way to contact each other again.

As far-fetched the concept of Serendipity may have been, it was convincing because the characters met and separated the same day; they didn't know each other's friends or their last names even. In Milenge Milenge, director Satish Kaushik gives the leads that whole Bangkok back-story before they are separated. And then expects us to believe that they can't track each other down when they have interacted over days, met each other's friends, and even know that they live in the same city!

The problem with this film is that it's lacking in basic logic, and that its characters are complete stereotypes. Add to that the fact that Kaushik's treatment is extremely outdated even for a film that was meant to be released five years ago.

Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor are perky enough, but Milenge Milenge doesn't exactly call upon them to deliver performances of any kind. You might be willing to overlook Kareena's varying hairstyles in every other scene, but what's unforgivable is the film's predictable narrative.

I'm going with one-and-a-half out of five for director Satish Kaushik's Milenge Milenge. If you're thinking of checking it out for Shahid and Kareena's chemistry after Jab We Met, I might have a word of advice for you - Don't!

Rating: 1.5 / 5

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first published:July 09, 2010, 22:51 IST