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Meet Madhoo, the tantrum queen

By: Shweta Parande


Last Updated: April 21, 2007, 02:39 IST

Meet Madhoo, the tantrum queen

After a long sabbatical actress Madhoo is making a comeback but not without throwing tantrums.

Mumbai: Actress Madhoo of Roja fame has not exactly been making waves in the recent past.

But debutant director Kallol Sen was happy to have an established actress amidst a group of rank newcomers in his film until the actress started playing games with him.

There has been a buzz about the film Kabhi Socha Bhi Na Tha being the actress’s comeback vehicle. Then why is she missing from the scene?

“Initially, Madhoo was very enthusiastic about the role. The controversy arose when we wanted to change the name of the movie to Love, Sex, Etc,” Sen said.

At this point Madhoo’s husband and in-laws got involved as they were did not approve of Sen wanting to change the title of the film.

The objection was not to the story but to the word sex, which was a part of the new title. Also, Madhoo was playing the role of a lesbian and it made them uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, the producer of the film Kiran Sen said, “She doesn’t have the time to travel all the way from town.”

When probed further, she said, “Madhoo belongs to a rich, industrialist family. They had problems with the word ‘sex’ in our new title, so we compromised for her sake. The movie is not sleazy; it just talks about sex openly. We wonder what her problem is?”

Madhoo’s brush with controversy in this film is not new. First she vanished after the first half had been canned and then suddenly came back all ‘enthusiastic’ about the role. Once the entire film was completed she vanished again.

The makers of the film say that there has been no effort on Madhoo’s part to participate in the dubbing or promotions of the film.

Well, now the producers of the film sure have one opinion about Madhoo, Kabhi Socha Bhi Na Tha that she could do this!

first published:April 21, 2007, 02:39 IST
last updated:April 21, 2007, 02:39 IST
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