Menon takes a road less travelled

Menon takes a road less travelled

Actor and filmmaker Balachandra Menon's documentary drives home a basic message of acquiring road sense.

Suresh Mathew
  • Last Updated: October 10, 2006, 5:58 PM IST
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New Delhi: National award winning actor and filmmaker Balachandra Menon has taken up a rather unusual cause. Menon was in the Capital recently to present his documentary film to drive home a basic message of acquiring road sense.

Nowadays, roads are a site for political protests, festive celebrations, violent demonstrations, drunken pedestrians and ego clashes - anything except regular traffic.

Menon's documentary Road is our Right takes an unusual look at Indian roads.

The film is born out of Menon's personal observations on everything under the sun that takes place on this tarred public domain.

"I could feel that on the roads traffic was given least priority. This provoked me to make this documentary," Menon said.

Aimed at stirring the public's consciousness towards a more civilsed road sense, Menon has already shown his film to the speaker of the Kerala Assembly.

Menon believes that public awareness is the key to changing the attitude to something that is considered public property.

"It is the right time to show that what is happening is not right. The film will make people sit up and think about what they are doing," Menon said.

An actor-filmmaker who's often taken the road less travelled, Menon is now doing rounds of his home state and the Capital hoping that his film gets a wider audience to drive home his message.

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