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Minissha Lamba detained at Dubai Airport

Minissha Lamba detained at Dubai Airport

Incensed officer at the Dubai Airport confiscated her passport and threatened to deport her.

Mumbai: After being detained at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport for carrying jewellery worth Rs 50 lakh earlier this year, Minissha Lamba could be forgiven for thinking that her worst experience at an airport was behind her, but last Wednesday, all of it came back to haunt her.

When Lamba arrived at the Dubai International Airport last week, her passport was confiscated, an official rudely asked her to "shut up and sit (down)", and she was threatened with deportment. According to Lamba, the problem arose when an immigration officer asked the actor for her lodging details.

"Since I didn't remember my hotel-booking reference details, I asked an individual waiting for me outside the airport for the details. When I tried showing the details on my phone, the officer blew his top off and started to yell."

Lamba reportedly asked the officer to calm down, but the incensed officer asked her to shut up or get deported. When Lamba argued, the officer snatched away her passport and pointing to a chair nearby rudely asked her to "Go, sit there". A senior official tried to help the actress, but the officer reportedly refused to comply.

Lamba says, "He kept gesticulating and threatening me." Eventually, the senior official whisked her to his office, where her passport was returned. "When I return to Mumbai I will take this matter up with the authorities," says Lamba, adding in jest, "This has not been a good year for me at airports. Maybe I should travel by trains, until an astrologer says otherwise."

first published:October 23, 2011, 13:52 IST