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Money was motive behind Pramod's murder, court told

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Last Updated: December 03, 2007, 21:05 IST

Money was motive behind Pramod's murder, court told

Prosecution says the SMS sent by Pravin to Pramod's mobile was genuine.

Mumbai: Amid all the charges and counter-charges, the prosecution in the Pramod Mahajan's murder case on Monday tried to establish its claim that money was the only motive behind the killing of the BJP leader by his younger brother Pravin.

The prosecution lawyer also claimed that the threatening SMS sent by Pravin, which was displayed on Pramod's mobile, was genuine.

During regular proceedings at a Mumbai court, Special Public Prosecutor Nitin Pradhan even went on to claim that Pravin had killed his elder brother only because the late leader refused to give Rs 1 crore as demanded by him.

This became clear from the SMS which was received by Pramod a few days before the firing incident, Pradhan said. He also claimed that depositions of BJP leader Gopinath Munde and Rekha Mahajan established the same.

The prosecution concluded its arguments on Monday and defence argument is now slated to begin on Tuesday.

The prosecution lawyer told the court that negotiations between the accused and the slain leader were going on and when Pramod refused to give him Rs 1 crore, Pravin had sent him the threatening message.

The lawyer claimed Pramod's wife Rekha Mahajan was very much aware of the negotiations and she had even informed Mr Munde about the demand and that was why Mr Munde, while taking Pramod to hospital, had reacted by saying that the accused had fired at him only because the demand was rejected.

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    Pradhan insisted that the SMS displayed on the late leader's mobile handset was genuine as the defence had failed to prove that the message was fabricated. He said proving that a received SMS could be easily fabricated in theory does not prove that the SMS relied upon by the prosecution was a fabricated one and, therefore, the court must treat it as genuine electronic evidence.

    The lawyer also said that the court should consider the statement of Pramod en route to Hinduja Hospital after the firing incident, and it should be taken as his dying declaration.

    first published:December 03, 2007, 21:05 IST
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