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MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar slams govt, backs Anna

MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar slams govt, backs Anna

The statement of support to anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare by Rajeev Chandrasekhar, MP, Rajya Sabha.

New Delhi: Rajeev Chandrasekhar, enterprenuer and Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha), has come out in support of Team Anna and their drive against corruption, and has slammed the Manmohan Singh government for arresting the veteran Gandhian anti-corruption crusader. Following is the statement of support to Anna and his movement by Chandrasekhar:

“The people of India seek a change in the way the government conducts itself and wish to stop this decline of our democracy. This is clear and obvious after the spate of recent scams and political corruption. Anna Hazare is the symbol of this desire for change for our country and his arrest today is a pathetic and desperate attempt to muzzle this movement for change! The use of excessive force, coercion and a vicious propaganda/lies unleashed by politicians to suppress a 74-year old Gandhian and a popular movement are doomed to fail. These are the same politicians who tried to mislead the nation for the last 8 months into believing there was no 2G scam, that Raja was innocent and no wrong had been done by PM until their lies were exposed by the Supreme Court and CBI. These very politicians now want citizens to spread canards about Anna!

It is clear that politicians are trying the age old tired tactic of attempting to distract and divert our attention from the main issue of transforming government and fighting corruption! I appeal to all of us not to be either fooled or distracted. Let’s stay the course and fight the good fight.

The battle lines for the hearts and minds of all Indians are being drawn – they are about governance and giving ourselves a form of democratic government that we deserve. I urge people to stay focused and not let politicians distract their attention from the real issue of corruption and support Anna in his fight against corruption and for the Jan Lokpal Bill. The second revolution has truly begun today and I extend my full support and backing to the efforts of India Against Corruption.”