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'Munni', 'Sheila' are a public nuisance: PIL

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Last Updated: January 05, 2011, 18:05 IST

'Munni', 'Sheila' are a public nuisance: PIL

A social activist from Lucknow has filed a PIL demanding ban on the two songs.

New Delhi: A Public Interest Litigation (PIL) has been filed in the Lucknow bench of Allahabad High Court by a social activist from Lucknow, Dr Nutan Thakur, for banning two songs - 'Munni badnaam hui' and 'Sheila ki jawaani'. The PIL claims that the two songs have become a nuisance for young girls and women, who have names similar to the characters in 'Munni badnaam hui' and 'Sheila ki jawaani'.

Speaking to IBNLive.com, Nutan Thakur demanded that the government should be pro-active in taking action against what she called "vulgar songs and language" being used in films and TV serials.

"These two songs are being used to harass girls and women. It has been creating problem for those whose names are similar to the ones used in the songs," said Nutan.

"The government and censor board should act when promos of such songs are released. The censor board should be pro-active. The board cannot take effective action after a song is released as it becomes popular very quickly," she said.

Claiming that she has the support of many young girls, women and middle class families, Nutan said that songs with such lyrics have an adverse effect on the minds of young boys and men who believe that since it is a film song so it has givem them a licence to harass girls and women.

"I have been getting support from a lot of people. One cannot watch these songs with his/her family. The middle class in India is still conservative and they don't like such lyrics. Even the dance moves in these songs are vulgar," she said.

However, she admitted that there are some people who have opposed her move to get the songs banned.

She claimed that in Gonda (Uttar Pradesh) a murder took place because of the song 'Munni badnaam hui'. Narrating the sequence of the incident she said that a person was singing the song near a shop when the shopkeeper, whose mother was also called Munni, objected to the song. A fight ensued between the two men which resulted in one of them opening fire killing the mother of the shopkeeper.

first published:January 05, 2011, 18:05 IST
last updated:January 05, 2011, 18:05 IST