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Muslim Cremated, Hindu Taken for Burial: Last Memory for 2 Families as AIIMS Trauma Centre Mixes Up Bodies

For representation only (Reuters)

For representation only (Reuters)

Nasreen's brother said that they were asked to pay Rs 500 to see the deceased's face at the burial ground. However, when they paid, the family was taken aback as it wasn't their sister's body.

New Delhi: The family of Nasreen (name changed) was called and informed by the AIIMS trauma centre early in the morning of June 7 that she has succumbed to Covid-19.

Seven family members rushed to the hospital around 8 in the morning to collect the body, but were asked to prepare for burial as the body was getting ready to be dispatched.

When the brother of the victim insisted on seeing the face, he was told that they'll be able to do so only at the burial ground. One of the seven family members stayed at the Trauma centre, while the rest went to the burial ground at Delhi Gate to prepare for the funeral.

Around noon, the body covered in plastic, as is the case with all Covid-19 bodies, was handed over to the family.

Right before the funeral, Nasreen's three children again insisted on seeing their mother's face. "We were told by an official at the Delhi Gate burial ground that we'll have to pay Rs 500 to see the face," Nasreen's brother said. "As we paid them to see my sister's face, we were shocked. It wasn't Nasreen. It was Arti's body (name changed) and belong to a Hindu family," he added.

Nasreen's family

The family members were told that there has been a mistake and they'll get the "right body" in an hour. All seven family members waited at the burial ground for hours but there was no update. On reaching the trauma centre again, they were told that the body of their beloved Nasreen had been cremated by a Hindu family.

The Hindu family, who had already cremated Nasreen's body at the Punjabi Bagh cremation ground, later learnt that it wasn't the body of their daughter.

AIIMS Trauma Center authorities told News18.com that an inquiry has been set up in the matter and one person from the mortuary staff was terminated, while another was suspended.

The exchange of two Covid-19 deceased at the trauma centre was a lapse of the part of the hospital authorities, a human error perhaps, but this error could mean that the two families may never ever be able to get a closure.

first published:July 08, 2020, 11:58 IST