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Six Muslim Parties Accuse Ayodhya Mediation Panel of Colluding With Sunni Waqf Board, Rule Out Settlement

Illustration by Mir Suhail/

Illustration by Mir Suhail/

The Muslim parties in the Ayodhya land dispute case have accused the Supreme Court appointed mediation panel of leaking the proceedings.

New Delhi: In a fresh twist to the Ayodhya case, a statement issued by the Muslim parties on Friday has questioned the impartiality and integrity of the mediation panel, and emphasised settlement is out of question.

The statement issued by lawyer Ejaz Maqbool, who happens to be the leading advocate on record for the Muslim parties, has indicted mediation panel member and senior advocate Sriram Panchu of acting in cahoots with Sunni Waqf Board chairman Zufar Faruqui who has apparently fallen out with his legal team in Delhi.

It also dismissed all talks of a possible settlement by pointing out that neither Faruqui represents the Muslim community as while nor has the Hindu side expressed willingness to settle.

The two page statement also alleges that all leaks about a possible settlement proposal might have been done by the mediation panel itself although the Supreme Court has made it clear that mediation proceedings will remain completely confidential.

"That the leak to the press may have been inspired by either Mediation Committee directly or those who participated in the said mediation proceedings or participants," it stated.

The statement added that it needs emphasis that such a leak was in total violation of the orders of the Supreme court that had directed that such proceedings should remain confidential. The timing of the leak, it said, was well thought of.

"Mr Panchu was also in the premises of the Supreme Court on 16th of October and was communicating in the premises to Mr Zafar Faruqui," alleged the note.

The Supreme Court is yet to speak on the latest report of the mediation which was submitted to it on October 16, the day when it reserved the verdict in the Ramjanmabhoomi-Babri land dispute case.

first published:October 18, 2019, 11:01 IST