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My dream come true with 'KVSR': Jayaprada

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Last Updated: September 17, 2012, 23:03 IST

My dream come true with 'KVSR': Jayaprada

Jayaprada always wanted to act as Kittur Rani in her film, 'KVSR' has completed her dream.

Actress turned politician, Jayaprada is excited to be portraying Kittur Rani Chennamma in Darshan-starrer 'Kranthi Veera Sangolli Rayanna' (KVSR).

"It's been 28 years for me in the industry and every moment has been quite eventful. It has been a great experience working in the Kannada film industry since my first film, Sanadhi Appanna," she said during the audio release of the film.

The actress who played roles like Sita and Shakuntala in the past, is thrilled to portray herself as a warrior in 'KVSR'. "Whenever I used to see the statue of Kittur Rani Chennamma at the Parliament, I had an inner voice asking, 'Maa, please help me. I want to play your character on screen'. Somewhere my dream came true with 'KVSR'. I truly feel that it was the blessings of Kittur Rani Chenamma," expressed Jayaprada, who is quite nervous about the movie. "Though I have done several roles in different languages, I feel special about playing Kittur Rani. I hope people will like my character and the film," she said.

Talking about the Darshan as Sangolli Rayanna, Jayaprada said, "I congratulate Darshan for his dedication. In him, I have seen a brilliant actor. His dialogue delivery is excellent".

According to the senior actress, it is not possible for anyone to make another film like 'Sangolli Rayanna' in the near future. "This film will remain in the golden era of cinema. I am glad filmmaker Anand Appugol came up with a brilliant film under Naganna's direction. The younger generation will know about Sangolli Rayanna through this film. The whole crew has done their best to bring out a historical film," she concludes.
first published:September 17, 2012, 23:03 IST
last updated:September 17, 2012, 23:03 IST