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Narcotics Bureau Arrests Six Foreigners Trying to Smuggle Heroin inside Stomach

Narcotics Bureau Arrests Six Foreigners Trying to Smuggle Heroin inside Stomach

Under the latest drive against international drug cartels, the first to be arrested by NCB was an Afghan who arrived at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi from Kandahar.

New Delhi: The Narcotics Control Bureau on Friday has arrested six foreign nationals —four Afghans and two Nigerians— and recovered Afghan-origin heroin worth Rs 30 crore.

According to SK Jha, Deputy Director General, NCB, they received input about a suspect carrying contrabands. “The input was about an Afghan national arriving at Delhi airport from Kandahar. A team was sent to the airport,” he said.

The team also identified two Afghan nationals with suspicious movements. After a medical examination, it was found that the three were carrying 253 heroin pellets in their body. All the three suspects were taken to a hospital and a total of 253 pellets containing heroin was recovered. The total weight of heroin is 1.8 kg.

The trio led to another Afghan national who was supposed to take the delivery from them. Two Nigerians, part of the Afghan-Nigerian drug cartel, were apprehended from Vasant Kunj and Uttam Nagar areas. “Efforts are being made to identify and arrest other nodes of the syndicate,” said Jha.

NCB recently had conducted a meeting of all the agencies concerned to share the information. According to NCB officials, the entire department has increased the focus on International drug networks especially Afghan heroin supply network. These Afghan heroin supply network is now collaborating with Nigerian drug traffickers.

“It has been noticed that heroin, originating mostly from Afghanistan, is smuggled to other parts of the world by various modes of concealment in baggage, various items and as in this case swallowed by drug mules,’ NCB Deputy Director General (Northern Range) S K Jha said.

“India is not only a market but also transit country for passing on the drugs to far off countries. Such Heroin syndicates based in Afghanistan have unremittingly tried to smuggle out Heroin to India,” said Jha.

Further investigation, in coordination with foreign authorities, is being conducted to identify other persons involved in the illicit drug syndicate.

(with inputs from PTI)