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National Safety Day 2021: Road Safety rules in India

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Road accidents occur due to speeding, the distance between vehicles and health problems.

National Safety Week commences today and will conclude on March 10. It’s a campaign to raise awareness about, among many things, road safety. As per data from the National Crime Records Bureau, 4,67,171 road accidents took place in the year 2019. While Covid-19 has forced people to stay home, to reduce the number of accidents, awareness is needed to prevent mishaps in the future. Below, we take a look at the road safety regulations in India.

Causes of accidents Road accidents occur due to speeding, the distance between vehicles and health problems. Driving in inebriated state, speaking on cell phone and exhaustion are also major contributing factors to accidents.

Accidents also happen when drivers enter the opposite lane, do not use the car signals properly or overtake another vehicle. Roads conditions are also to blame at times.

Road safety rules & guidelines To protect passengers of a vehicle, pedestrians and animals, several rules have been enacted by the Government transport departments of each state. Some of the key traffic rules are mentioned below.


1. Keeping to the left While driving or walking, one must always keep to the left to steer clear of vehicles coming from the right on the opposite side. This should be maintained while turning the vehicle as well.

2. Intersections At crossings, road intersections and corners, one must slow down and wait to ensure a clear passage between traffic. Follow the same while entering the main roads.

3. Turn signals, hand gestures & horn One should use car signals and hand gestures when necessary while turning towards any direction, slowing down or letting a vehicle pass. Horns should not be used in a silence zone.

4. Helmet & seatbelts ISI certified Helmets are an absolute must for those riding on two-wheelers. Seatbelts should always be worn by the driver, the passenger to the left and those seated at the back.

5. Drinking Driving after drinking alcohol is prohibited. Alcohol impairs cognitive function and raises the risk of accidents.

6. Mobile phones One must keep their full attention to the road ahead. Using mobile phones while driving can cost lives.

7. Zebra crossings The alternating white and black strips are there for a reason. Use them to cross the road when the traffic is clear.

8. Health issues Refrain from driving if you are unwell or tired. Better safe than sorry.

9. Traffic lights Do not ignore traffic lights. Walk or drive only when the signal is green and stop on red.

10. Look out for animals Cattle, native dogs and cats roam freely on the streets. Drive carefully to prevent any harm to them.

first published:March 04, 2021, 08:47 IST