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Natwar's son expelled from Congress

Natwar's son expelled from Congress

Jagat Singh, indicted in the Oil-for-Food scam, has been expelled from Congress for indiscipline and misconduct.

Jaipur: Jagat Singh, who along with his father, former external affairs minister Natwar Singh has been indicted in the Iraqi Oil-for-Food scam, was on Tuesday expelled from the party for indiscipline and misconduct.

Acting on the recommendations of a disciplinary committee headed by senior leader Pradhyuman Singh, the party decided to expel Jagat, the sitting MLA from Lakshmangarh, after he failed to reply to the showcause notice issued to him on August 18 when he was suspended from the party following his indictment by the Justice Pathak Authority.

"Defying the showcause notice after suspension from the party on August 18, Jagat not only involved in the pro-Natwar Swabhiman rally but also openly assailed many senior Congress leaders from the dias on August 23 which was highly deplorable," PCC President Dr B D Kalla told reporters.

The PCC executive committee had on August 23 approved the suspension of Jagat, and now after considering the recommendation of disciplinary committee, he was expelled, Kalla said.

He said that a letter notifying Jagat about the expulsion from the party has already been issued.

The Pathak Committee had indicted Natwar and Jagat Singh for misusing their positions to favour some people close to them in procuring oil contracts from the Saddam Hussein regime in 2001.

Following their indictment, both of them were suspended from the party.

first published:September 05, 2006, 16:58 IST