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News18 Evening Digest: Facebook Denies Congress Charge of Political Bias and Other Top Stories

India's flag is seen through a 3D printed Facebook logo in this illustration picture. (REUTERS/Dado Ruvic)

India's flag is seen through a 3D printed Facebook logo in this illustration picture. (REUTERS/Dado Ruvic)

These are the stories we are covering this evening: Facebook denied Congress charge of political bias; Facebook bans BJP MLA T Raja Singh after hate speech row; authorities call for vigilance as Delhi sees Covid-19 cases rise ahead of Metro reopening; you can still play PUBG but only on PCs and gaming consoles, not on mobile; and AAP cries wolf on Twitter with a secret message hours after hacking of PM Modi’s website account.

Non-partisan, Denounce Hate and Bigotry: Facebook Responds to Congress Charge of Political Bias

Amid a raging controversy over Facebook’s alleged political bias and interference in India’s democratic process, the social media giant has told the Congress that it is non-partisan, denounces hate and bigotry in all forms and strives to ensure that its platforms remain a space where people can express themselves freely. Responding to concerns raised by the opposition Congress, Facebook’s Public Policy, Trust and Safety Director Neil Potts has said that it has taken the party’s allegation of bias very seriously and will ensure that it remains non-partisan and is committed to maintaining the highest levels of integrity. READ MORE

Facebook Bans BJP MLA T Raja Singh After Hate Speech Row, Pressure From Opposition Parties

Under pressure for weeks over its handling of hate speech, Facebook on Thursday banned BJP MLA T Raja Singh from its platform and Instagram for violating its policy around content promoting violence and hate. A Facebook spokesperson in a statement said: "We have banned Raja Singh from Facebook for violating our policy prohibiting those that promote or engage in violence and hate from having a presence on our platform. The process for evaluating potential violators is extensive and it is what led us to Facebook's decision to remove his account.” READ MORE

Second Surge on The Way: Authorities Call for Vigilance as Delhi Sees Covid-19 Cases Rise ahead of Metro Reopening

The national capital is now witnessing the beginning of a second surge of Covid-19. Even as the city is poised to enter the next stage of reopening through the resumption of Delhi Metro, daily coronavirus cases cases are once again rising. On Wednesday, Delhi registered 2,509 cases, the highest number recorded since early July. As cases rise, authorities maintain the surge has not reached alarming proportions but also admitted they are keeping a close eye on the developments and strategies are being reworked to control the surge. READ MORE

You Can Still Play PUBG But Only on PCs and Gaming Consoles, Not on Mobile

PUBG Mobile is making headlines yet again thanks to the recent ban of 118 Chinese apps announced by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. Both PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite are a part of the list and are soon expected to be blocked for all users in the country. However, the ban is particularly on the mobile version of the game, and not the original that is available on consoles and PCs. READ MORE

AAP Cries Wolf on Twitter With a Secret Message Hours after Hacking of PM Modi’s Website Account

Atweet from the Aam Aadmi Party this afternoon took many people by shock as a banner image saying "HACKED" was shared. The image created ripples as it came within 24 hours of account Prime Minister Narendra Modi's website getting hacked. However, AAP account has not been hacked. In fact, the social media team of the party used the image to hook people's attention to the biggest spike in coronavirus cases and slumping economy. In fact when you click on the image, the subtext of the image reads: "Now that we have your attention, we just want to let you know that India's unemployment has hit 45 years high, GDP growth rate is lowest in 40 years and Covid-19 cases have hit 83,000 in a day which is highest in the world." READ MORE

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  • First Published: September 3, 2020, 6:08 PM IST
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