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News18 Evening Digest: Prashant Bhushan Gets 2 Days to Reconsider, 60 Lakh in Delhi Exposed to Covid-19 and Other Top Stories

Prashant Bhushan (Reuters File)

Prashant Bhushan (Reuters File)

These are the top stories we are covering right now: Prashant Bhushan refuses to apologise, says contentious tweets comprise his bona fide belief; Naseeruddin Shah says everybody is cooking their 'papads' over Sushant Singh’s funeral pyre; and MS Dhoni gets a letter from PM Narendra Modi appreciating his hard work on the field.

'Can't Do 10 Crimes for 100 Good Deeds': SC Gives Prashant Bhushan 2 Days to Reconsider Statement

Doing a hundred good things can't give a person the license to commit ten crimes, said the Supreme Court on Thursday even as advocate Prashant Bhushan said he would "cheerfully submit to any penalty" in the criminal contempt case. Bhushan refused to apologise and said the two contentious tweets comprise his bona fide belief, and was a part of his duty as a citizen and as an officer of the court. READ MORE

60 Lakh Delhi Residents May Have Been Exposed to Covid-19, Second Govt Survey Shows

About 29.1% of Delhi’s population or 60 lakh people are estimated to have been exposed to the coronavirus, the second round of sero-survey study found out. This indicated that the spread of the virus in Delhi has continued steadily. The sero-prevalence arrived at in this round was five percentage points more than the 23.48% sero-prevalance estimated after the first round of survey, which was carried out in the end of June and early July. READ MORE

PM Modi Says MS Dhoni’s Rise Shows Family Name Doesn’t Matter in ‘New India’. He Replies

MS Dhoni, who retired from international cricket on August 15, took to Twitter on Thursday to thank PM Narendra Modi for appreciating his hard work on the field. The former India captain posted pictures of a letter he received from PM Modi. In the letter, the Prime Minister praised Dhoni not only for his achievements, but also for his rise from humble beginnings. READ MORE

Everybody's Cooking Their 'Papads' Over Sushant Singh’s Funeral Pyre: Naseeruddin Shah

Naseeruddin Shah is in news for his comments on the ongoing insider versus outsider debate that came into prominence after the death of young actor Sushant Singh Rajput on June 14. News18 caught up with Shah to talk about the present debate, a few comments made against him, and his upcoming film Mee Raqsam, which has been produced by Shabana Azmi. READ MORE

BJP MP Want Shashi Tharoor Out as I-T Panel Chief Over Facebook Summons Row

An all-out battle has broken out between Parliamentary Standing Committee on Information Technology chairman Shashi Tharoor and the BJP after the former suggested to summon a panel meeting to discuss the alleged "misconduct" of Facebook in dealing with hate speech. After Tharoor and BJP's Nishikant Dubey submitted their respective breach of privilege notice against each other to Om Birla, the saffron party MP wrote another letter to the Lok Sabha Speaker requesting him to remove the Congress leader from the post. READ MORE

How Do Indians Die? Putting Covid-19 Fatalities Into Perspective as Country Battles Pandemic

The ‘cardiac capital’ and the ‘diabetes capital’ of the world, India was considered a fertile breeding ground for the pandemic. The Indian population was seemingly more susceptible to the impact of the Novel Coronavirus, due to a high number of people suffering from lung diseases, heart diseases, diabetes, and malnutrition-related conditions, amongst many other ailments. But the data on fatalities has shown that India remains a paradox. READ MORE

Mutant Turtle Born With Rare Golden Shell in Nepal Worshipped as Avataar of Lord Vishnu

A very rare turtle with a genetic mutation is being hailed as a 'God' in Nepal. Due to its golden colour, people in Nepal have started to believe that this animal has divine qualities. In fact, many are claiming that the unusual frog is an avataar (form) of Lord Vishnu. READ MORE