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Nithya Menen, on her alleged ban in Mollywood

Nithya Menen, on her alleged ban in Mollywood

Nithya Menen is currently scoring points, as her Telugu film 'Ishq' successfully completed 100 days.

Nithya Menen is currently scoring points, as her Telugu film 'Ishq' successfully completed 100 days. This is her second Telugu film, which was a sleeper hit. If lucky, the actress can be on a hat-trick as she completes shooting for another Telugu film, 'Okkadine'. "I hope so. We just have to shoot the climax scene of 'Okkadine'," she says.

The actress is not new to Sandalwood as she marked her entry in Kannada with '7 O clock'. After almost 7 years, she has taken up 'Mynaa', directed by Nagashekar. "I am a Bangalorean and this is my home as I was born and brought up here. My parents stay here and this is the place, I always want to do a good film as I don’t want to lose my privacy by doing a series of bad films," she said.

According to Nithya, 'Mynaa' is a tragic film and she chose to be part of the project because the story had a message. "Nagashekar is extremely genuine in his script. I am the Mynaa in the film, a real life story, which has a lot of social and political message with the essence of love," said Nithya without revealing much about her role.

Her gradual progress as a talented actress is because she never cherished a dream of being an actress. "Acting is a creative expression and film is an art. I don’t want consider it as a job or business. In fact, nobody should, as that would lead only to films that are not honest. I don’t want to do films, which I have to regret later. I want to express and don’t want to gain or misuse anything out of this. I insist on good scripts and would not mind even if I don’t have a film," she said.

Today, she is a lucky mascot with successful hits and offers pouring in from several languages. "I don’t consider a film on the basis of language as I have never stopped working in any particular language. I consider it as a different kind of experience," says Nithya.

The actress puts an end to the rumours floating about she being banned in Mollywood. "No one can ban anyone's career. I have two back to back Malayalam films releasing this month. 'Bachelor Party' is releasing this week followed by 'Ustad Hotel'. I am also doing a short film for which I will start shooting very soon," she asserted.

Nithya, who is gradually progressing in her career has some dream roles too. "I always wanted to do a strong female character role, which has a slightly negative shade, or a natural 'bond'. A full action film, or that of a crazy woman is also a role that I would look forward to. Considering the characters I'm looking for, it looks like I will have to write and direct the film," she laughs. Satisfied with where she is currently placed, she says, "I want Nithya the person to be recognised as it doesn’t matter whether it makes or breaks me. Nagashekar chose me for Mynaa because he thought, I was the right choice. That is where I stand. There is no replacement for Nithya Menen," she concludes.
first published:June 20, 2012, 11:51 IST