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No sex education, only yoga in MP

No sex education, only yoga in MP

The Madhya Pradesh School Education Minister has said that sex education in schools will be replaced by yoga classes.

New Delhi: Sex education in Madhya Pradesh schools will be replaced by yoga classes, the state assembly was informed on Wednesday.

News agency PTI quoted School Education Minister Narottam Mishra as saying that instead of imparting sex education to school students, they will be taught yoga.

Mishra added that the government did not intend to cut down lessons about any particular personality, but was of the view that the students should get "correct information about all great men", when asked about plans to bring about changes in school syllabus.

Traditional folklores and idioms giving information about healthy lifestyle will be included in the syllabus, he was quoted as saying.

The ban of sex education came following instructions from Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, who was upset amid protests against graphics and pictorial descriptions used in the course material provided under the adolescent education programme (AEP).
first published:March 22, 2007, 00:21 IST