Northeast’s Only 'Pure Veg' Covid Care Centre Spurs Vegetarians in Guwahati to Get Tested

(Image: News18)

(Image: News18)

For a single room here, a patent has to pay Rs 3,850 while the rooms with double occupancy come for Rs 4,900 each.


Niloy Bhattacherjee

The Northeast’s first 'pure vegetarian' Covid Care Centre (CCC) has been set up at Hotel Rituraj in Guwahati, Assam.

“It was the people from the Marwari business community at Fancy Bazaar who asked for a 'pure veg' Covid Care Centre where they could stay if they tested positive. In one of his visits to the busy market area by the health minister of Assam, people from the community expressed that they refrained from getting tested as positive result would take them to the Covid Care Centre where non-veg food is served and they can’t even think of it,” says Sanjay Kasedia, general manager of Hotel Rituraj.

For patients, the charge for a single room here is Rs 3,850 while rooms with double occupancy come for Rs 4,900 each. “There are 70 rooms at the hotel and in the pandemic time 20 to 30 rooms remain occupied on an average,” says Pranjal Mahanta, manager, Hotel Rituraj.

The pure-vegetarian Covid menu, which is inclusive with the room rent, serves roti-sabzi, rice, two curries high in protein, and green salad. Breakfast includes fruits and kadha is served to all.

Though the stay at the Covid centre is a paid service, the accommodation of three doctors, three nurses, two pharmacists, and two lab technicians at the hotel is financed by the government.

“The response has been good so far. Patients get a hygienic ambience with food of their choice. The complete package for nine days comes to around Rs 34,640 which is much cheaper than what private hospitals charge. Tests are conducted on the ninth day and if found negative then on the tenth day they are released,” says Kasedia.

Kamrup Metro district has 36 Covid Care Centres while there are 550 of these in the state. Assam as on October 29 has 1,73,629 cases. Out of these, 30,662 are active cases while 1, 42,297 have been discharged. 667 deaths have been recorded due to Covid-19.

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