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Not all film scripts demand stars: Director Kinslin

Not all film scripts demand stars: Director Kinslin

The Tamil director is currently busy with his upcoming urban crime thriller 'Vathikuchi'.

Chennai: Debutant Tamil director Kinslin feels it is very important to have the right actor for the right script because not all scripts demand stars.

"Not all scripts are suitable for star heroes because it is very important that you cast the right actor, suitable for the script. I chose a newcomer for my film ('Vathikuchi') because the script doesn't need a star hero at all," Kinslin told IANS.

'Vathikuchi' features debutant Dhileban, brother of filmmaker AR Murugadoss.

"My story is set in the outskirts of Chennai and the hero plays a share auto driver. We had to shoot most of the film in crowded places of Chennai, and therefore, I deliberately wanted to work with a debutant. Had I cast a star hero, then shooting in crowded places of the city would have been impossible", he added.

He said the film is an urban crime thriller, and presents crimes committed in the city with a different angle.

"There used to be a time when crimes were mostly committed at night, but it has changed now. Most crimes nowadays are committed in broad daylight. Most importantly, we don't realise that these crimes are done by people who wander with us in public. Even the person sitting next to us in a railway station can be the brainchild of a bomb blast," he said.

Kinslin says the biggest challenge was capturing the geography of Chennai.

"All that we remember of Chennai is places like Mount Road, T Nagar and Nungambakkam. But there are so many other places such as Tambaram and Velachery that are never talked about. My biggest challenge was to shoot in these places during day time," Kinslin said.

"Most of the story is narrated as the traveling experience of a share auto driver and his passengers", he added.

The film also features Anjali, Saranya Ponvannan, Sampath Raj, Jayaprakash, Raja and Rajshree. It is jointly produced by Murugadoss Productions and Fox Star Studios.

The film, slated for release this month, was completed in 85 days. It has music by Ghibran and cinematography by RB Gurudev.

Asked why the film was named 'Vathikuchi', which in English means matchstick, Kinslin said, "There is a spark within the hero that gets ignited by certain events. Hence, the title 'Vathikuchi'. We also wanted a quirky title to attract the attention of the audiences."