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Now, sleep with Bollywood stars

Now, sleep with Bollywood stars

UK-based toy manufacturer and entrepreneur Shameen Jivraj are launching dolls of popular Bollywood stars.

New Delhi: Bollywood fans in Britain will soon be able to bring their favourite stars home.

Wondering how? Toy manufacturer and distributor Spin Master Toys UK and entrepreneur Shameen Jivraj will soon be launching 12-inch dolls of popular Bollywood stars.

The duo had come up with the concept four years ago. Out in the markets of Britain from August 1, these dolls will be launched under the brand name Bollywood Legends.

The first set of dolls will be modelled on Bollywood’s leading stars Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra.

Weighing less than half a kilogram, the dolls are each priced at $46.46. While Priyanka and Kajol wear saris, Shahrukh Khan and Hrithik sport trendy western outfits.

Shameen had recently approached Spin Master Toys UK to handle the UK distribution of the dolls.

Earlier, Shameen had been incharge of the launch of the 'Shiny Doll' development team. She has also worked on other well-known children's brands such as Star Wars and Teletubbies.

"I became intrigued by Bollywood a little while ago and was drawn into the movies with their mix of fun, fashion, music and dance. It's such a magical and emotive arena and I wanted to create something that would allow the audiences to be able to take some of that magic home to treasure and enjoy in a unique and new way,” she says.

Amazon.uk is already taking orders for the doll.

first published:August 01, 2006, 16:15 IST