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Now women can get a shot for better orgasms

Now women can get a shot for better orgasms

A collagen shot can make women's G-spot easier to locate.

London: Now, women can experience better orgasms, thanks to a collagen injection, which is designed to enhance the pleasure around the G-spot by making it swell.

The G-Shot, which is given under local anaesthetic and takes about eight seconds, comes a little expensive at £800.

The G-Shot uses collagen to spectacularly boost the sensitive area to the size of a 10-pence coin and a quarter of an inch high, reports The Sun.

This makes the G-spot easier to locate and highly sensitive, which it is claimed could enhance sexual arousal and gratification.

The UK Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Centre in London's Harley Street has claimed to be the first in the UK to offer the jab.

Professor Phanuel Dartey, from the centre, said he was offering the jab in reaction to the growing demand.

"We explain the whole procedure to them and tell them how to examine themselves. They lie down and find it in the comfort of our own room,” Prof Dartey said.

"Once they find it, we have got a special speculum and light source and we get the woman to let us know when we have reached the area,” he added.

However, he warned: “About 15 per cent of women do not have a G-spot.”

first published:April 03, 2008, 04:08 IST