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Old Couple Spends 35 Years Alone in Tamil Nadu's 'Haunted’ Village

By: Archana R


Last Updated: June 23, 2021, 20:28 IST

Image of the couple. News18

Image of the couple. News18

News 18 Impact: District Collector orders to construct a free eco-friendly home for the elderly couple who did not leave the village like others after a famine in the 1980s.

Kuchampatti, a village in the Virudhunagar district once known to be a ‘Zamin’ village, now inhabited by an elderly couple at a partially broken home. Coming to know, the district Collector orders to construct an eco-friendly home for the couple.

The couple Subash Chandra Bose (75) and Subbulakshmi (71) has been living in the village for the last 37 years without any basic amenities as the villagers have migrated to different cities in search of employment due to the famine during the ’80s. But the couple didn’t have an idea to follow the way as others did, rather decided to stay back owing to allegiance towards the Kuchampatti village.

Kuchampatti is a village which is located 8 km away from the nearest town Tiruchuzhi in Virudhunagar. Later, with the impact of News18 Tamil Nadu, the newly-appointed District Collector of Virudhunagar, Meghanatha Reddy, came to know about the elderly couple and their love towards their village.

He visited the place to meet the couple and issued a housing bond and relief aid to them. He also directed the authorities to provide uninterrupted electricity and drinking water to their village.

On speaking to us, the couple thanked News18 Tamil Nadu for taking their hardships to media, which led to the notice of the district collector. The village appears to be a haunted place, with damaged roads and broken houses. Earlier in the ’80s, the village was desperately called a Zamin village where more than 80 families with 300 villagers lived in prosperity as agriculture flourished. As when the rains subsided, the villagers who solely relied on agriculture were left destitute.

Thus, the situation forced the villagers to migrate to cities, leaving the village unnoticed. Bose, who is a Siddha practitioner has been treating the neighbourhood villagers who suffer from snake bites. The district collector, who came to know about their plight via News18, visited them on June 19 and issued an order for Rs 2.57 lakh worth eco-friendly home and ordered officials to construct on their Patta land.

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first published:June 23, 2021, 20:28 IST
last updated:June 23, 2021, 20:28 IST