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Outstation Students Explain The Significance Delhi University Holds

File photo of Delhi University.

File photo of Delhi University.

What is the importance of Delhi University for outstation students, read on to find out...

'Sapna ek par sapnewale anek,' suits every candidate taking admission in Delhi University. It is almost like a 'Dream come true' moment for thousands of students across. However, it is more central to outstation students because as we look at the educational system of India at the state level, there is inconsistent academic works and regulations which leave it unattractive for students who aim to achieve higher goals in their life. Delhi University is one of the institutions in India which provides education for Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes. It stands 8th in the National institutional framework and is also among the top 10 Indian public educational institutions/universities.

Delhi University has 90 colleges offering multiple courses. It is popular for the quality of education that it provides in arts, commerce and science. Also, Delhi University attracts students from all over the country as well as from other nations.

Read on to know what outstation students have to say about the significance that Delhi University holds.

Puja Singh, a former student, LSR: "Delhi University has given me a lot of things. It has to boost up my confidence and career. It is because of LSR that I have achieved my goals. I am very happy that I am doing good in my life."

Puja Raj, MPhil student, IP College: "Having been part of Delhi University for the last 7 years, I have to say that it is not just an institute, but a structure of my life."

Janmejai, Student, Dyal Singh College: "The diversity and the exposure in DU gives an amazing experience to students. It helped me learn how to survive in an uncomfortable atmosphere and be independent."

Prerna Singh, Student, Kamla Nehru College: "DU is a great platform for every student. Kamala Nehru College has given me several opportunities and made me a self-independent woman."

Ritu, Student, Motilal Nehru College: "Since I was an average student, I was not certain to get admission in DU. However, South Campus colleges with their varied courses have provided seats to students who are DU aspirants but at the same time, not top scorers."