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Sharif, Zardari meeting ends on damp note

By: Suhasini Haidar


Last Updated: February 16, 2008, 22:49 IST

Sharif, Zardari meeting ends on damp note

Sharif indicated no chance of seat adjustments with the PPP.

Karachi: It was a bloody end to the last day of campaigning in Pakistan. 37 people are dead in a suicide attack at the PPP officer in Parchinar in the In Pakistan, just two days before the elections.

The much ballyhooed Nawaz Sharif-Zardari meeting produced nothing - no mention of how they intend to take forward their ambitious vision of a grand coalition.

The Nawaz Sharif-Asif Zardari meeting in Lahore ended on a damp note.

The former prime minister indicated no chance of seat adjustments with the PPP nor was there any hint if they had resolved their differences over reinstating the sacked judges.

Nawaz Sharif did not even indicate if they had taken forward the idea of a coalition government discussed earlier this week.

In fact he predicted a majority for his party in Monday's election but the latest survey by Gallup Pakistan showed the PPP winning 35 per cent of the votes followed by Nawaz Sharif with 25 per cent.

The PML-Q, which is aligned with Musharraf, finished last with 15 per cent.

Zardari and Nawaz can hope to achieve those kind of numbers only if voter turnout is high, but fear of the suicide attacker and random bomb blasts continues to stalk the election campaign.

In Parachinar in the North West frontier, a suicide attack outside the PPP office killed 37 and injured 90.

Sharif said, “Who can conduct any free and fair election campaign under these circumstances, a secure election campaign? You know, one of our main leaders has lost her life.”

Campaigning ends on Sunday at midnight after that the big question - will the voters come?

first published:February 16, 2008, 22:49 IST
last updated:February 16, 2008, 22:49 IST